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My Hero Academia Chapter 312 Spoilers

Chapter 311 ended with the mysterious lady we saw in Tartarus attacking Deku. When she was introduced in Chapter 297, may questions were raised as to who she is and what did she do to deserve Tartarus level of imprisonment.

Now, after 13 chapters we are starting to get a rough idea about her. Though her quirk is not revealed yet, it seems she has the capability to transform her body parts into guns. Well, that’s some fearsome quirk anybody could have.

On top of that, she is also an assassin working directly under AFO. So, it’s sure she must have some insane firepower. Well, now that Chapter 311 has kick-started Deku’s meeting with AFO, it will be interesting to watch Deku coming out of this mess.

Chapter 311 Recap

Chapter 311 is divided into two segments. On one side Endeavor, Best Jeanist and Hawks are fighting petty villains and trying to get as much information as possible about AFO and Shigaraki. On the other side of the chapter is All Might and Deku.

The Heroes are using Deku as a bait to attract the League, but it seems the plan is failing. If this wasn’t worse, between these mayhem, Endeavor and the other two also have to face angry citizens, who, without even knowing the true reason are cursing the same Heroes who someday helped them.

After fighting some petty villains, all three of them get into the car and after a short conversation about how Deku was right about AFO taking over Shigaraki’s body, the scene switches to All Might.

We all know that from the beginning of the series, we have never seen Deku’s dad, and he is considered either dead or have left his family. And, All Might acts as his Foster Father. After fighting AFO, All Might lost all his power and transformed into something that we usually see nowadays. That was a subtle indication that now Deku have to carry-on with OFA.

As Deku is all alone acting as a bait for the League, All Might is tracking him through a GPS, but things take a different turn when the GPS signal disconnects. Though, All Might has an idea about Deku’s last location.

Turns out it was the mysterious lady we saw back in Chapter 297 escaping Tartarus. Back then her quirk wasn’t revealed, in Chapter 311 we have got a rough idea about how she uses her quirk.

You can say her quirk looks very similar to Momo, the only difference is Momo’s quirk allows her to create anything from scratch, and here she transforms her body part into anything she wants. In this case it’s a sniper.

She simply asks Deku to stay silent and follow her. Deku has an idea that “They’re Here.” AFO has found him and he is alone now.

So, what can happen now?

The best I can guess is that All Might will immediately rush to the spot from where Deku’s GPS stopped working. Second he may do is inform Endeavor and the other three. They will rush to the spot as quick as possible.

This may result into many things. If somehow Endeavor finds out AFO’s exact location, Dabi will attack no one but his father. The other two may fight other villains.

Deku may not yet start to fight anyone, rather, he may try to cure Shigaraki and bring him back to senses. Frankly speaking it’s hard to predict from here onward. But, since the series is nearing it’s end, Horikoshi sensei will surely finish it in style.


The Spoilers are out, and many things have been revealed.

  • Chapter 312 title is: “Assassin.”
  • Chapter starts with Hawks talking about the present situation. He says that since Dr. Garaki is imprisoned and both AFO and Shigaraki are weak, there is no way but to kidnap Deku.
  • Hawks warns Deku to stay away from “That Woman,” and the best option would be to run as far as possible if he sees her.
  • The Mysterious Lady we saw in Tartarus is a former Public Safety Hero, and her name is Lady Nagant.
  • Lady Nagant’s quirk is “Rifle,” and she uses her hair to make bullets out of it.
  • What makes her extremely powerful is her range as a sniper. It’s 3 Kms.
  • She is surprised to see Deku deflect 2 bullets. Overhaul is still with her, and it seems he’s mentally broken. The only words he is repeating is “Dad.”
  • Scene changes to the time when Lady Nagant met AFO.
  • He warned her about Deku.
  • Though she refused listen to AFO at first, but when he said: “Until this kid(Deku) is around, the world you dream’t will never come true.”
  • AFO offers her a contract by providing her “Airwalk.
  • Chapter ends with Lady Nagant accepting to execute the order.

The details of Chapter 311 just released. Hence, we will have to wait for some time for the next Spoilers to appear. The good thing about My Hero Academia is it’s active community. Even before the spoilers start to appear, fan-made speculations are always intriguing to read.
What’s funny is that sometimes these speculations prove to be true.

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