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One Piece Chapter 1021 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Predictions

Yamato has finally revealed her Beast form, and for now it seems that there is no one other than her who can go toe-to-toe against Kaido. Kaido also reveals her Devil Fruit and according to him it’s extremely valuable.

What’s interesting to learn is that Yamato’s technique is able to counter Kaido’s Blast Breath. Recalling how powerful this technique is, when Kaido revealed his Dragon form and used Blast Breath, he destroyed a mountain in on shot.

Well, this fight is going to continue. At least for now, until Kaido unleashes something entirely out of the world. With this, let’s look into One Piece Chapter 1021 Spoilers, Raw Scans and have some Discusison.

Chapter 1020 Recap

The Chapter is divided into three sections. In the beginning we see Kaido and Yamato continuing their battle. Yamato is holding pretty well for now as she has just unleashed her Beast form and has enough energy.

It’s surprising to see that her attack can counter Kaido’s Blast Breath which is powerful enough to wipe-out an entire town. While they are fighting each other, Kaido reveals Yamato’s Devil Fruit name and its importance.

Can we say that Kaido is agitated that Yamato ate it? I’m 50-50 in this, since why would he not be happy that his daughter has eaten such powerful Devil Fruit? Probably mentally he accepts that Yamato’s Devil Fruit is powerful enough to severely injure Kaido.

After some pages of the battle between these two, we move on to Robin vs Black Maria. Brook is also helping her counter Black Maria’s subordinates. Most of the chapter is filled with Black Maria’s attempt to break Robin mentally.


Her subordinates try to create illusion and trap her, but it seems Robin is matured and trained enough to counter her emotions. She easily defeats her opponent. And then comes the battle against Black Maria.

She is using an unique fire weapon made of a dog only found in Wano. The dog has a head like a human. Brook unleashes his “ice” technique and freezes it, breaking Black Maria’s fire-tantrum.

Chapter ends with Luffy resting and Momonosuke crying at the spot, but, Luffy wants him to transform into a Dragon and take him to where Kaido is. Whether he can transform is a question since the only time he transforms into a dragon is when he is afraid.

It’ll be really interesting to see how he makes this happen.

Chapter 1021 Predictions

It’s almost impossible to make a predication out of this Chapter. There are too many things going on. But still, it’s possible to reverse engineer Oda’s writing style and understand where the next chapter is heading.

The first predication that almost proves correct every time is that the event happening in the present chapter won’t continue in the next. On top of it, One Piece is on a break next week.

So, Chapter 1021 can take us back to either Sanji or Jinbei. since Zoro is injured and being treated there is no way he can fight. We can also move back to the Red Scabbards. It’s been a while since we know their situation.

On top of that we still don’t know who was the mysterious character to treat the Red Scabbards. Countless mysteries are already surrounding with the character who treated the Red Scabbards.

My mind is empty for now. Do you have anything that will raise interest? You can comment down below!


The Spoilers have come out finally:

  • Chapter 1021 title: “Demonio.
  • Battle between Robin and Black Maria gets intense. Robin’s attack is overwhelmed by Black Maria’s defence.
  • Robin feels that it’s time for a secret technique she learned when with the Revolutionary Army.
  • She unleashes an attack named: “Demonio Fleur.”
  • Robin transforms into a Devil-like figure and strangles Black Maria. Black Maria loses consciousness and hence Robin succeeds in defeating her.
  • Brook too unleashes his attack and defeats Black Maria’s subordinates.
  • Next, we move on to Luffy’s location.
  • He is gobbling up as much food as possible.
  • Chapter ends with Momonosuke pleading Shinobu to use her “Ripe-Ripe Technique” to turn him into an adult.

Chapter 1021 Spoilers just got released, so, we have to wait until Chapter 1021 Spoilers are released. And since it’s BREAK NEXT WEEK, we might to wait a little longer than usual.

But, in One Piece’s case, the Spoilers come out pretty early, sometimes even 1 week before the official Chapter comes out. Rest assured, when the Spoilers come out, this page will be updated as quick as possible.

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