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Black Clover Chapter 302 Spoiler, Raw Scans

Okay, Chapter 301 has really surprised us with Noelle’s revelation. For us readers the fact that Noelle liked Asta was not at all hidden from the very beginning, but her acceptance has really surprised me.

Somebody has said right that when you fall into a grave problem the person you remember first is the one whom you trust the most. And, it seems in Noelle’s case it is Asta. Asta x Noelle shippers must be rejoicing this moment. I’m also one of them!

Coming to the battlefield. Now that Asta has arrived, Megicula is a bit cautious. She doesn’t like Asta’s power. Though she haven’t started landing any attacks on him, it’s sure that her attacks are not going to work as intensely on Asta as it worked on others.

Black Clover Lucifero

With every Chapter Nacht’s words are coming in place. In the beginning of the War, he said that, “Only Asta can defeat the Dark Triads and the Villains associated with them because only he has Anti-Magic.” Thinking this more clearly, and reading the recent chapters, The Devils are far more power than the Wizards, and this is the case when they haven’t even manifested their full form in Human Realm.

So, the only way to defeat this monstrosity is to nullify their magic. Well, the community is already on fire with all their speculations and predictions. But, let’s see what Black Clover Chapter 302 Spoilers, Raw Scans really reveal.

Chapter 301 Recap

Asta the MVP of Chapter 301 has appeared in front of Megicula. He has stopped Lolopechika’s death in just one step. Everybody is pleased that he has arrived. Rill’s ultimate magic is helping his comrades retain their strength and to not die.

Yes, Rill’s this particular magic doesn’t let his comrades die. And it’s evident that this magic technique is enough for Charlotte to get up and make her move. Charlotte gets up after her health regenerates and immediately lifts curse from both of them.

After saving Lolopechika, Asta hands her over to Noelle. He requests Noelle to secure Lolopechika. It’s good to learn that she didn’t die.

Black Clover Megicula

This is probably the only time I don’t want Vanica to not lose her life. Why? Because Megicula cannot manifest fully in Human Realm if both Vanica & Lolopechika doesn’t die. So, it’s extremely important for Vanica to survive for now. But, still we have a chance. Asta has secured Lolopechika and hence, now we don’t need Vanica.

After waiting for some time, Megicula restarts her attack unleashing 100 dead disciples. These are zombies that attack on Megicula’s behalf.

As I said before, if somebody was happy to see Asta, it was none other than Noelle. She literally started crying after she saw him. And, at the end of the Chapter she realizes her feeling for Asta. And, as we know guys, Love is extremely powerful.

Chapter 301 ends with Noelle unleashing Saint Stage Magic to finally bring down Vanica and Megicula with her. And it’s about time Megicula is defeated. Lately the chapters are shorter and we haven’t even entered Yuno’s battle against Zenon.

Zenon is the most mysterious among the Three Dark Triad. We haven’t learned who is the Devil behind his power. And, I can already feel that Zenon is the strongest among the three.


The Spoilers are out. The way this Chapter ends, next one is going to be more than exciting:

  • Chapter 302 title: “The Convergence of Hope.”
  • Noelle steps-up her attack and moves forward to attack Megicula.
  • Megicula retaliates with a new attack unleashing her dead-soldiers.
  • Luck arrives at the battle scene.
  • It’s seem Rill’s magic has cured Gaja as he stands perfectly cured and ready to resume attack.
  • Gaja and Luck wipes out Megicula’s army.
  • Next, we see Noelle directly attacking Megicula. But, she gets stopped.
  • As Megicula goes forward to finish Noelle, Nozel arrives at the scene and creates a barrier saving Noelle.
  • Chapter ends with an extremely angry Nozel waiting to unleash havoc on Megicula.

Black Clover Chapter 301 just got released. Hence, we will have to wait at least few days for Chapter 302 Spoilers to arrive.

Until then, if you can’t hold your patience, I will suggest you to read predictions and numerous speculations regarding various topics. But, I should caution you that most of the focus is on the Noelle’s confession.

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