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My Hero Academia Chapter 354 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Hey! I’m back after quite a while. Let’s dive into My Hero Academia Chapter 354 Spoilers, Raw Scans.

Unfortunately I couldn’t keep myself updated with the latest happenings in the manga, and only learned everything after I returned.

And I must say one thing – What a time to return! Shouto has become powerful and experienced enough to beat Dabi so quickly? Or is Dabi just waiting for the right time to strike back?

We’ll only know when MHA Chapter 354 Spoilers, Raw Scans are out:


The chapters are quite intense these days. The battle is full-on between the Heroes and Villains. I know Shouto is the star if this chapter and probably the chapters to come, but didn’t you miss one subtle aspect?

It’s about Ashido. Ashido and other students admired Midnight and were heartbroken when she died. The students were trying to find out who did it, and it seems that the particular Villain has revealed his true identity.

Horikoshi dedicated a short panel about that! And that pretty much wraps up Ashido’s final opponent in this War.

Moving forward: Dabi’s defeat has filled the Heroes with the needed enthusiasm and on the other hand the Villains are pretty much worried.

Now, let’s briefly talk about the bright light inside Dabi’s chest. Fans are having a huge speculation behind this. Some are saying that Dabi is also going to active his “ice” technique that was hidden inside him.

And some are are saying that it’s either a “ray of hope” or “the burning fire of hatred” that’s shining from within. But whatever it is, it will be extreme.

Finally we reach at the end of Chapter 353 that shows Endeavor and AFO in front of each other. Terrifying to see how powerful AFO is. I’ve a great theory that might come true in the end, but I’ll keep it for some other time!!

Until then:

Chapter 354 Spoilers

The Spoilers are out:

  • Chapter 354 title: Right Here!!!
  • Chapter begins with Hawks’ and Jeanist begins with discussing AFO’s greated weakness, and that is his mask. He also needs his breathing apparatus to stay alive!
  • Their plan is to gather some Heroes with mostly offensive powers and strike at AFO’s mask and destroy it.
  • Back to the present scenario, we see Hawks’ and Endeavor moving forward. AFO’s attacks with an air blasts, but Endeavor blocks them.
  • Hawks attacks AFO with burning feathers, but he blocks it. AFO quickly understands where they are targeting.
  • Hawks’ also tries to attack AFO from behind, but fails as he unleashes his black goo-like liquid to block him.
  • Endeavor joins the attack and unleashes a barrage of Vanishing Fists. AFO continues his taunting and tries to mentally manipulate Endeavor.
  • Endeavor being the hot-headed he is, he takes the taunting too seriously. But, Hawks’ warns him and reminds him of what happened with All Might when he fell for these cheap tricks.
  • AFO also mentions Dabi/Touya in his taunting which further irks Endeavor.
  • Hawks’ tries to calm down Endeavor, but it was too late, Endeavor has already lost his cool.
  • AFO finds the situation as best and injures Endeavor with a creepy quirk.
  • Hawks’ yells “Endeavor” and quickly moves to help, but AFO directs his hands at him and uses “Nagant Replacement.”
  • When all seems lost… HEARTBEAT WALL!
  • Jirou arrives riding Tokoyami, and Hawks’ is shocked to see them. He orders them to turn around if they don’t want to die.
  • But, Tokoyami ignores and says that though he is not as strong as Endeavor, he will stay there to synchronize attacks.
  • AFO calls Tokoyami and Jirou as insects who fly around OFA.
  • Chapter ends with Jirou telling AFO to leave the fiddle-faddle after he has defeated them…

MHA Chapter 353 Spoilers came out pretty few days. Hence, we’ll have to wait for at least few days before anything comes out.

Rest assured, I will update this section as soon as the Spoilers and Raw Scans appear..

Stay Tuned!

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