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Jujutsu Kaisen 139 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked

Okkotsu is here and the JJK community is cheering with joy. But, the community is also talking about the time of his appearance. The Okkotsu we saw in the prequel has grown up to become a dependable man. Chapter 137 demonstrated the large-scale destruction done by Sukuna’s Domain Expansion. A portion of Japan has been wiped out, which is insane considering that one person have done this. Questions are already arising whether Okkotsu will really kill Itadori this time or Itadori is lucky enough to get another life. Things will be more clear with JJK 139 Spoilers, Raw Scans and Discussions.

Chapter Discussion

Yuta Vs Itadori

After Yuta came back to Japan, JJK community was surprised to see that it is the same Yuta we saw in Jujutsu Kaisen prequel.

Chapter 138 gave us a little bit more information about Mai’s condition, and it seems her condition is critical. But, where’s Maki? We are also introduced to other Sorcerers of the Zen’in Clan and all of them are Special Grades.

But, Chapter 139 Spoilers revealed a short but important information about how powerful Yuta has become.

Do you think Yuta will Defeat/Kill Itadori? Well! if you ask me, then I would say that a bitter battle will take place, where Yuta will probably try to kill both Itadori and Choso, but in the end he will understand the situation and decide to work together and kill Geto.


JJk 139 Spoilers are here:

  • Chapter starts with Itadori clapping hands, probably to attract Cursed Spirits.
  • Several unknown Cursed Spirits chase Itadori and try to kill him.
  • Itadori was leading those Cursed Spirit towards Choso.
  • Choso unleashes “Piercing Blood” and kills several Cursed Spirits with just one shot.
  • Itadori also joins Choso and kills Cursed Spirits.
  • Itadori’s performance pleases Choso and he praises Itadori’s power and thinks that he is different from before.
  • Choso talks to Itadori about being brother.( Not clear what are the conversations)
  • Until then Noaya Zen’in arrives.
  • After a little chat, Naoya Zen’in suddenly attacks Itadori and Choso, but they both fail to land any hit on him.
  • As Naoya was thinking to attack second time, they all feel an overwhelming presence. Naoya thinks that it’s similar to Gojo’s presence.
  • Chapter ends with Yuta entering the battle field.

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