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My Hero Academia Chapter 321 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Prediction

Is Deku at his limits? His physical body must be crying of pain by now, but, he is still pushing ahead. Within such a short time, he has grown so much, only his body is boyish, everything within him screams a MAN.

Before fighting Nagant, Deku was is fine condition, but, the pressure of fighting Nagant, and then consecutive battles against uncountable Villains has degraded his strength. But, he is lucky enough to have friends like Bakugo and the whole class who have arrived to help him get out of this subtle trauma he is experiencing.

My Hero Academi Deku Head Bang

Chapter 320 was in short, Deku vs the whole Class 1A. The chapter is a classical representation of how powerful OFA has become under Deku. I don’t he think has activated each one of the quirks. If only a handful of quirk can do so much damage then God save those Villains when he masters every quirk.

For now Bakugo, Uraraka, Ida and few others haven’t intervened yet. It’s going to be really interesting to see how Deku manages to fight against these star students, and also the closest to him.

Let’s see MHA Chapter 321 Spoilers, Raw Scans and have some discussion on Predictions.

Chapter 320 Recap

In short, as I said before the entire chapter covered Deku vs Class 1A. Students other than Uraraka, Bakugo and Ida looks extremely agitated and sort of in stress to save their friend.

We might have missed two things. One is in the very beginning and the next one is in the end when Tsuyu tries to stop Deku.

The chapter starting with Tsuyu’s colored image shows a subtle indication that she plays an important role in calming Deku. And, the chapters also ends with her reminding him how she strengthened herself. Everybody in the class knows that Deku is the future of OFA, and hence he must have a sense of conscious responsibility. But, what he is showing now is not being conscious, he is just acting on his emotions.

Most of the middle part of the chapter contains struggles the students face in containing Deku. No one is able to contain him. Even Tokoyami’s powerful technique couldn’t contain him.

My Hero Academia Deku helps Bakugo
Kid Deku & Bakugo

Other than this, I’m focusing on the subtle indication in the beginning of the Chapter. It’s Ida and Uraraka’s attitude towards Deku’s technique. We see Ida is pretty calm as if he is mapping the whole situation and planning a final attack to catch and finally stop Deku.

Uraraka on the other hand observes the 6th User’s ability(Smokescreen). If I recall correctly, the mangaka revealed that in the final portion of the manga, Uraraka and Bakugo will play an important role in Deku’s War against AFO. I think it’s about time she starts making her move.

Since it’s break next week, I think the community will go mad speculating the various scenarios this will continue. Todoroki has finally captured Deku, and Deku must be reaching his limits by now.

Chapter 321 Predictions

It isn’t hard to predict what’s coming in Chapter 321, but, yet we could go wrong. Chapter 320 ended with Todorki capturing Deku and Tsuyu reminding him about how to get mentally strong.

Hence, I think two things can happen. First is that Deku finally stops after Todoroki’s and Tsuyu’s plea, Second is that he riots and breaks away from Todoroki. And, if he does this, there is a great chance that Uraraka, Bakugo and Ida will make their move.

Uraraka’s power is not powerful in terms of brute-strength, but, her technique is a mess when used. The target will simply lose ability to get a ground and just float. But, now that Deku can walk on air now, there is low chance this technique will stop him.

My Hero Academia All Might
All Might

Ida has speed, but Deku is faster than before. It’s going to be harder for Ida too. So, in the end we only have Bakugo who can really stop his childhood friend. We also have no information about All Might. Maybe he will arrive too in the end and slap some common sense into this thick-brain.

What is your prediction? Is it something that adds or contradicts with what I’m thinking? It’ll be interesting to know!

Release Date

So, this time the Olympics are happening in Tokyo. Hence, next week most of the Manga are taking a leave. It’s good in a way, since the Mangaka will get little relief from their daily chores.

So, Chapter will officially release the other week. Most of the famous manga like One Piece, Black Clover, are taking a break, so it’s not just MHA.


The Spoilers are out after a week of break:

  • Chapter 321 title: “From Class A to One For All.”
  • Chapter starts with Kirishima, Hagakure & Aoyama handing over the unconscious Dictator to Endeavor.
  • He says that he needs them to keep the nearby civilians safe. Hawks on the other hand suggests leaving it to Jeanist would be better. Endeavor trusts the students, suggesting that they will be helpful.
  • Scene changes to Shoto and Deku. He is screaming to Deku that he doesn’t know what AFO’s plan is. He might even attempt to attack UA. They have to fight together to bring him down.
  • Deku breaks free from Shoto’s ice. Tsuyu immediately tries to capture Deku with her Tongue, but he dodges it. Tsuyu’s move was to launch Mineta towards Deku and not capture him.
  • Mineta uses a new technique and grabs Deku. He says that he never thought OFA was cool, but it is Deku’s ability to win even in fear is what made him different from others.
  • Deku breaks away from Mineta and uses Black Whip to shift towards nearby building. As he gets ready to use Fa Jin, Uraraka suddenly appears and says she won’t let him go away.
  • Uraraka tries to say something to Deku but he dodges her. Without wasting a moment, she screams, “Guys!!” and then we see all working together. Shoto creates an ice track and Ashido uses “0.1% corrosion Acid-Man.”
  • Dark Shadow & Satou push Bakugo ad Shoto all the way up. Shoto uses Flashfreeze Heatwave blasting Bakugo towards to sky. Uraraka then makes him float.
  • Uraraka says that they have a lot to say, but the words won’t reach him.
  • Bakugo uses a new technique and shoots Ida even higher.
  • Bakugo says that he has something to say to Deku, but for now Ida is the only one to reach such high speeds.
  • Ida grabs Deku’s hand saying that he’s challenging him. We then get a flashback once again of 2nd OFA user and his comment.
  • Deku asks Ida to get away, but he refuses. Ida says that he’s Ingenium, the one who will run anywhere to hold a lost child’s hand. He says that sticking into other people’s business is what makes true Hero. Chapter ends with both of them crying.

As said above, MHA is on a break next week. But, compared to the official release, Spoilers come out pretty early. Now that there is a week break, I’m guessing that Chapter 321 Spoilers will come out 4-5 days before the official chapter is released.

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