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One Piece Most Hyped/Overrated Characters List

One Piece is one of the best action and adventure manga ever made. And when we are talking action and adventure there sure are characters are are either underrated or hyped/overrated.

One Piece too has such characters who have built their reputation through just talk and little action. Hence, in this post I’ll list the 10 Most Hyped/Overrated Characters in One Piece

With this let’s begin…

(1) Shanks

I think you already guessed it. Shanks is the most overhyped character in One Piece. If I recall correctly, I have seen him in action only twice, that too nothing special. The first incident was while saving Luffy and next was when he stopped the War.

One Piece Shanks

I know he is strong, but there’s no proof only talk. One Piece has entered final arc and I think it’s time for Shanks to make his move…

(2) Benn Beckman

Benn Beckman is said to be insanely strong. Some fans also speculate that he may be as strong as Shanks…Kizaru was subtly scared when Benn pointed a gun at his head. So you can say Been does have a strong reputation among Marines as well.

One Piece Benn Beckman
Benn Beckman

I know both Shanks and Benn are strong, but since they haven’t proved themselves I have kept them at the top of this list…In fact I’m hoping to get proven wrong with their strength.

(3) Ryokugyu

Ryokugyu is the latest entry in this list of overhyped One Piece character. If you can’t recognize him from the name Ryokugyu how about Aramaki? He was first mentioned by Doffy and according to him he was a “monster.”

One Piece Ryokugyu

But all his reputation dissolved in thin air when he landed in Wano. He faced heavy resistance from the Red Scabbards and Momonosuke. Yeah, but they couldn’t damage him greatly. The most humiliating thing he did while fighting was the decision to escape after sensing Shanks’ Haki. Dude’s a wimp!

(4) Mihawk

I have included Mihawk in this list not because he hasn’t proven himself, but because of his slacker attitude towards everything. I don’t know how did he accept Zoro as his student. For sure he is still the best swordsman in the series, but I think Zoro will soon surpass him. Especially after his immense experience fighting Kaido.

One Piece Mihawk

An another important point about Mihawk is that we have never seen him fight seriously against tough targets. In my view Mihawk’s weakness is speed. He is probably not fast as Zoro.

(5) Monkey D. Dragon

Dragon is the chief of the Revolutionary Army and also Luffy’s dad. The initial “D” in his name simply says that he is strong. Dragon is heavily respected in One Piece not because of his physical prowess or intelligence but for the type of magical abilities.

One Piece Monkey D Dragon
Monkey D. Dragon

I have very little hope to see him fighting physically. Yes, he can indirectly participate in the final war and help Luffy but that’s it for him.

(6) Five Elders

I have seen these five old men only a few times. And every time they appear in the chapters or episode they look tensed. They are the heads of the World Government and almost everything in the world runs according to them.

One Piece Five Elders
Five Elders

I won’t go too far ahead and say that they are weak because they surely aren’t. Especially when you see how hugely built they are. They haven’t done anything much in the story whatsoever.

(7) Blackbeard

Keeping aside the terrifying abilities he has now Blackbeard should have been filled with confidence. But it’s the exact opposite. Even while absorbing Whitebeard’s abilities he acted like a wimpy pirate. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to ran away if Whitebeard survived.

One Piece Blackbeard

In the present times he is the worst among all the pirates in series. He not only killed his own, but also escaped after getting cornered. I don’t know how strong has he become after absorbing Whitebeard, but I doubt he’ll be able to stand against Luffy or Zoro.

(8) Buggy

Buggy is the star of One Piece. His personality is pretty similar to all the makeup he does. He is a Clown! He is a master at cheating people and showing off his inflated power…So learning that Buggy is a sham is not a new thing for almost every One Piece fan…

One Piece Buggy

Buggy is, in fact, pretty intelligent and has several times taken decisions in an extremely calculative manner. He almost killed Luffy before Dragon appeared and saved him…Mark my words – Oda will heavily use Buggy at the end of the story.

(9) Rayleigh

Rayleigh is the “Chad Grandpa” of One Piece. Even in this old age he is rocking that body and stamina…Theoretically Rayleigh is also Luffy’s mentor and the one who made him the person he is today…

One Piece Rayleigh

Unfortunately we could never see him go all out in battle. Maybe his Haki was strong enough to shell-shock everyone near him. Do you think Oda will use Rayleigh in the final war?

(10) Queen

Queen is one of the strongest in Kaido’s army. Unfortunately he couldn’t live up to the expectation. Tell me when did you see him fighting personally against his opponent? Yeah he fought against Big Mom but couldn’t even scratch her body. In return he got mauled by her.

One Piece Queen

In the end he also faced a humiliating defeat against Chopper who is supposedly the weakest pirate in existence. I would say Queen failed at everything he did…

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