Fire Force Pillars
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Fire Force 245 Spoilers, Raw Scans.

The Battle between Arthur and Dragon rages on. After the Great Cataclysm begun, Arthur was seen doing nothing and only waiting. Now, we know clearly for whom he was waiting. You can say, the Knight was waiting for the Dragon to arrive. Arthur is full of energy and has already begun attacking Dragon. With this, Let’s find out in Fire Force 245 Spoilers.


  • Name of the Chapter is “Dragon & Knight Fight Again”.
  • Dragon is in attack mode and teases Arthur that he doesn’t have a long memory(Since he defeated Arthur before).
  • Arthur wants to defeat Dragon and then get the title “Dragon Slayer”.
  • Dragon teases Arthur again and says that Stupid people have a dead end with him.
  • Arthur land a powerful slash on Dragon but, nothing happens to him. But, Dragon acknowledges Arthur’s strength.
  • Dragon lands a tight blow, Arthur in return uses his power “Purple Light” on Dragon.
  • Battle continues.
  • Chapter ends with Dragon and Arthur looking intense and determined to defeat each other.
  • Name of the next Chapter is probably “A Hundred Years of Obsession”.

The Battle Continues

This is probably the best day of Arthur’s life. He considers himself as a Knight and as we have seen in most Sagas, the Knight to defeat a Dragon is considered the Best Knight.

Hence, Arthur wants to fulfill his dream buy defeating Dragon. But, the question is at present the power difference between Dragon and Arthur seems pretty large. How will Arthur defeat Dragon?

In the present Chapter, we saw Arthur unleashing his “Purple Light”, and even an attack of such intensity did nothing to Dragon. I have a feeling that by the end of this Battle Arthur will be totally worn out, and yet show his “Pride”, especially to Shinra that he defeated a Dragon.

Looking at how the Chapter ended, the next 2-3 Chapters will show the intense battle between Arthur and Dragon. I cannot wait for this to be Animated.

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