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9 Weakest Bleach Characters Of All Time

Who is the Weakest Bleach Character? I’m raising this question because most of the time we are only interested in the “Strongest Character” of a series. That’s pretty obvious! Why would someone want to learn about a weak personality?

Controversial aspect aside, in this post I’m going to list the 9 Weakest Characters in Bleach. I’m tried to keep this list as fair as possible. so if you think I’ve made a mistake, do point out…

With this, let’s GOOO:


9 Weakest Bleach Characters List

These are the weakest characters in Bleach. I haven’t included any human with no spiritual powers, as that would be unfair!

(9) Kon

Kon is one of the weakest characters in Bleach. Yes, I accept that when he takes Ichigo’s form, he can do some damage, but he seldom does that! And let’s not talk about his power when in his teddy bear form!

Kon Bleach

Dude can’t even pick up heavy tools when in this form, let alone fight in a serious battle. I guess Bleach creator (Tite Kubo) nerfed him because he was attracting too much attention, especially when in Icigo’s form.

(8) Hanataro Yamada

Hanataro has two fanbase. One that loves him, and the other that doesn’t. The only reason why he is loved is because of his simplicity, and the hatred is because of his weakness and stupidity during serious situations.

Hanataro Yamada Bleach
Hanataro Yamada

Hanatarou has pretty commendable healing capability, but he has no offence. Heck, even his sword is not a sword but a scalpel (Doctors use it to tear skin).

On top of that, the funniest thing is that when attacked at full force his Zanpukto heals his opponent rather than hurting him. LOL!!

(7) Shino

To be honest, Shino is a cutey and a lovely tsundere. She has pretty immense defensive abilities that makes her an asset during a battle or War. But, she stands so chance when it’s offence.

Shino Bleach

You can simply say that she falls into the same category as Hantarou. High defense, no offence.

(6) Don Kanonji

Don gave a strong “Filler Dude” vibe when he was introduced in the manga. While watching the episodes I thought he was a filler character, but surprisingly he wasn’t! Well, for a human he was pretty headstrong and courageous.

Don Kanonji Bleach
Don Kanonji

And provided he can somewhat see souls is an indication that he has more powers that average humans in the series.

(5) Marechiyo Omaeda

Omaeda is particularly weak, but he is a wimp. I don’t know how he stands so close to Sui Feng and thinks that he can support her in her missions! Not a single time did I see him take a fight seriously and really win in the end!

Marechiyo Omaeda Bleach
Marechiyo Omaeda

But, compared to other characters in the this list, Marechiyo Omaeda is stronger!

(4) Momo Hinamori

On top of being naggy, Momo Hinamori is also weak and inexperienced. She is probably not fit to become a well-respected Soul Hunter because of how weak-minded she is! If you don’t know then she is also one of the most Hated Bleach Characters…

Hinamori Bleach
Momo Hinamori

Tite Kubo (Bleach creator) learned this pretty quickly and removed her from the scene as soon as the series proceeds with Aizen and his plans. After that until the manga ended, Hinamori was seldom shown.

(3) Kiyone Kotetsu

We hardly saw Kiyone Kotetsu get into offensive mode in Bleach. She is more on the defensive side like her elder sister. Siting how she is handicapped by her only offensive capabilities, she is not fit to fight in a serious War.

Kiyone Kotetsu Bleach
Kiyone Kotetsu

On the other hand though, she has pretty good healing powers which is an integral part of the Soul Society. If this post was focused on defensive powers, then she would rank really high in the list.

(2) PePe Waccabrada

PePe is one of the most annoying and nonsense villain in Bleach. He acts as if he is the strongest one, but instantly gets overwhelmed by his own ally. Unlike others characters mentioned above, PePe not only had defensive capability, but commanding offensive powers as well!

PePe Waccabrada Bleach
PePe Waccabrada

Fortunately the primary weakness of his power if that it doesn’t work on things that doesn’t have emotions, in this case “Love.” Hence, his “love” powers didn’t work on Zombies and inanimate objects like buildings, etc.

An another weakness can be the inability to control people who are headstrong. Like Kenpachi Zaraki and other Captains who are too courageous and have self-respect to fall for someone without giving a second thought.

(1) Nianzol Weizol

Nianzol Weizol was one of the Quincy in Yhwach’s army. What’s interesting about him was his unique power. But, in contrast to what other Quincy had, Nianzol didn’t have any offensive capabilities. On defense.

Nianzol Weizol Bleach
Nianzol Weizol

Unfortunately, he didn’t much screentime and was removed from the scene withing only 1-2 chapters. As I mentioned above, he had pretty good defensive capabilities, but severely lacked offensive. Hence, he deserves the No.1 spot (Meaning he is the strongest in this list).

Conclusion & FAQ

I might have missed some characters in this list, but from what I can recall these are the weakest characters in Bleach. Yeah, they have some kind of power but nowhere close to what other Soul Hunters have.

Do let me know what’s you thought on the above list! Does it match with what you think?

Who Is The Weakest Character in Bleach?

Hanataro Yamada is the Weakest Bleach Character.

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