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Characters Who Know Saitama Is Powerful In One Punch Man

How many people know Saitama is Powerful? Well, there are only a handful of them.

Hence, in this list, I’ll mention the known Heroes and other characters whoa re quite aware how powerful the One Punch is.

WTF is this name anyway? Caped Baldy? I guess his name will change to One Punch Man when the Hero Association recognizes his prowess.

With this, LET’S GOOO…


These Are All The Heroes Aware Of Saitama’s Power


Of course, Genos is the one who discovered his “Sensei.” It all began with the Mosquito Girl incident.

Genos Vs Saitama One Punch Man

We mostly focus on Saitama, but Genos is one of the most important driving force in One Punch Man. And Chapter 164 pretty much proves it!

Bang (Sliver Fang)

Bang is the most matured among all S-Class Heroes, and also the oldest. Bang discovered about Saitama during the meteor incident. Saitama tried to save the city, but it turn ended-up partially destroying it…

Sliver Fang (Bang) One Punch Man
Silver Fang(Bang)

After that, he also joined the so-called One Punch Fan Club. LOL.

Flashy Flash

Flashy Flash learned about Saitama’s insane speed in Chapter 115 when he tried to attack him and he dodged it.

Flash Flash

Flashy Flash is arguably one of the fastest Heroes. Well, that’s why he is an S-Class. It took some time for him to realize that this unknown Hero was as fast, if not faster than him. He has no option but to accept that fact that an unknown B-Class Hero is faster than him.


Fubuki learned about his secret the hard way. She tried to bully Saitama, but the one who got bullied was her. She was more shocked and surprised when she discovered that a number of the S-Class Heroes were either friends with this B-Class newcomer


After that she never much interacted with him. So, yeah. Fubuki knows who’s the One Punch Man.


Both King and Saitama share a mutual bond. In fact King is more secretive. All the Hero Association think that King is an immense force, impossible to counter, only a handful of the S-Class Hero know the actual truth.

King One Punch Man

And as you already know, whenever King is in trouble, it’s the One Punch that saves him. Every time.

Mumen Rider

Mumen Rider is one of the best loved and respected Heroes not only in the manga but also in reality. What we fans respect about him is his spirit

Mumen Rider One Punch Man
Mumen Rider

He is one of the earliest Heroes to encounter Saitama’s power. If I can recall correctly, he confirmed the power of One Punch while encountering Deep Sea King.

What’s your take on this?


Blast is the newest comer in this list. But, unlike other people and Heroes, Blast was not surprised. Because like most Heroes, he also couldn’t sense how powerful Caped Baldy was…

Blast Vs Saitama One Punch Man

Blast is the only one whose powers I want to see. Though he has revealed some of it, but that’s not enough! He has given a hint of how powerful Saitama’s “Serious Punch” is. He indirectly states that it’s almost as powerful as an atomic explosion!


If you’re thinking when did Tatsumaki learn about his power? The manga still hasn’t reached that point yet. But if you follow the webcomic, you’ll know…

Tatsumaki One Punch Man

This is what happened: Tatsumaki tried to control Saitama with her psychic power, but she could only make his body vibrate. That’s when she understood that something was wrong with this guy!

I don’t know whether we’ll ever see this animated. That sure would a great surprise! Better yet, I’m sure Murata will make this scene even funnier…

Other Characters

Above are the list of Heroes who are aware of Saitama’s power. They have witnessed it first-hand!

This section includes all the unknown civilians and villains whom Saitama encountered. Some of the names are:

  • Boros
  • Garou
  • Speed-o’-Sound Sonic
  • Orochi
  • Hammerhead
  • Dr. Genus
  • Dr. Kuseno (Genos’ doctor)
  • Various Hero Association Workers

Of course, there are many people and villains that I don’t remember.

As the story moves forward more and more people will discover how strong Saitama is. But for now, these are all the people who are aware of the strength of One Punch.

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