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What is Naruto’s New Form? Will Naruto Die?

In the latest Chapter 51 of Boruto we got to see Naruto’s New Form. But, the question arises: Will Naruto Die after revealing his New Form Transformation? or we will see an another miracle from Naruto and Kurama Combo? Will Sasuke Die? Or Kawaki will sacrifice himself in place of Naruto? This post is dedicated to answer these question in as much detail as possible?


As the Title of the Post says What is Naruto’s New Form/Transformation! In the end of Chapter 51 we just saw Naruto’s back and his Nine-Tails transformation and his Right eye similar to Kurama. We can deduce many things from this appearance and why Kurama said that Naruto may die after this transformation.

Naruto loses his Body to Kurama:

This may feel to you if I say but, there is a chance that Naruto loses his body to Kurama. If you watch Boruto, then I’m pretty sure you have watched Naruto and know how Naruto was with Kurama when he was a kid. He was not able to control his rage and would eventually transform to his nine-tails form.

There are various forms that Naruto can take. Kurama Form, Beast Form, Sage of Six Path Mode. But, there is another from that we are forgetting since we cannot see it anymore. The form he used to take when he was overcome by his rage. He used to become blood red and Kurama would manifest him. But, if you remember, there was a problem with this. The more number of tails would appear the more hurt Naruto would be and he would ultimately be taken over by Kurama.


Hence, we may come to see the same thing happening though more of in a conscious mode. In the last panel particularly, we saw Naruto manifesting all the nine-tails. To make the reveal even more exciting Naruto’s face was also not shown.

NOTE: In the Ninja war, he transformed into the Kyubi form when Pain almost killed Hinata and we saw what happened after that.

Naruto vs Isshiki:

In the upcoming Chapter 52, it is for sure that we will see an intense battle between Naruto and Isshiki. But, we are set for an all-out battle from both side, since the transformation of Naruto shocked Isshiki as well.

But, everyone wants to know-Who will Win?

My take is: No One!

To support my answer, I will in short say that, there are more reveals left to happen from Sasuke. If Naruto can reveal his “All-Out” form., why not Sasuke?

The more detailed on why No One will win is below!

Will Naruto Die?

After Kurama said to Naruto that after this Jutsu, he will die, there are already flying rumors around that it is time-up for our most favorite character since, decades. Most People are already mourning his death.

And my Answer to whether Naruto will die or not is :

Yes, Naruto will Die!

But, hold-on! I haven’t talked about Sasuke’s secret Jutsu that may be hiding. Jutsu that he would use only when there is life and death situation; like this one.

Sasuke’s Hidden Jutsu:

Recall, when Pain (Nagato) Killed Kakashi? How did Kakashi come back to life. Cannot Recall? Okay I’ll help you.

Nagato used Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique.

In the end of the Third Ninja War, Nagato used Outer Path — Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique (Rinne Rebirth) to revive many dead including Kakashi.

King of Hell

When a user uses this technique, the King of Hell emerges from the ground and releases the souls of the deceased from its mouth.

This technique is immensely powerful but, the primary drawback is the caster loses life-energy quickly and is weakened and may even die.

Nagato’s hair turned white as an old man after he revived countless people. There are various other uses of this technique but, revival is the most noticeable one.

Now, let’s say Naruto somehow defeats Isshiki, but, as Kurama said before transforming that Naruto will die, probably due to overuse of his Life-Force.

If Naruto really dies, there is a great chance that Sasuke unleashes by Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique(Rinne Rebirth) on Naruto.

In the end Sasuke is always on a suicide mission, ready to die at any moment.

Will Sasuke Die?

Hmm! This is a really confusing question and a tie between Emotion and Logical Reality. Nobody wants Sasuke to die, since he is questionably the last Rinnegan user unless Sarada also activates it in the future.

The thing is; there is greater chance of Sasuke dying than Naruto. The presence of Rinnegan makes Sasuke a problematic opponent for the enemy and no mortal wants to face a Rinnegan user.

Taking into account that Naruto dies after his overuse of Life-Force. Sasuke may use Rinne Rebirth. But, it’s a question whether he can use it.

Another way how Sasuke can save himself is that by using Izanagi.

Sharingan users are experts in Genjutsu, and only a very few can actually use Izanagi.

Danzo hit by Sasuke’s Susano

In Comparison to normal Genjutsu, Izanagi is an illusion that changes even the reality. Meaning if someone with Izanagi dies, they can make it feel as if the reality didn’t even happen. But, it consumes enormous amount of Life-Force and too much of usage can be life threatening.

Danzo had many Sharingen eyes on his hand, that’s how he fought Sasuke’s Susano, though he died again and again.

It is not clear whether Sasuke can use Izanagi. But, if he uses both Rinne Rebirth and Izanagi. Sasuke may lose too much Life-Force and may die.

But, I don’t see that happening just yet. And it that happens, on of the most loved characters of the Manga Universe may die.

Will Kawaki Sacrifice himself to Save Naruto?

Kawaki is impatient and rude, but he sees Naruto as a father figure. He is always ready to sacrifice himself if it is the question of Naruto’s life.

There could be a scenario where, Sasuke brings Naruto and Boruto or maybe only Naruto after they are severely injured, by teleportation. Kawaki would never want anything bad for Konoha and he already knows that he is the one who can bear to be the fruit of ten-tails.

Hence, there is a chance that, to save Naruto and Konoha, he may sacrifice himself to bear the Karma again.

Boruto: Fandom

Also, we must not forget that in the beginning of the Manga and Anime, we saw Kawaki and Boruto fighting with their Karma, while Konoha is completely destroyed.

What will Boruto Do?

After Kawaki lost his Karma, Boruto has become the center of the Battle. Hence, he cannot die before Isshiki uses him as ten-tails meal. Jokes aside, Boruto is the only one who can fight shoulder to should with Isshiki if Naruto fails to defeat him.

Hence, we can probably see Boruto getting really mad at Isshiki and ultimately finishing off Isshiki in an All-Out battle.


Altogether, Boruto Chapter 51 is the best Chapter in the Boruto series. Though the series is dedicated to Boruto itself, fans cannot stop loving the Naruto and Sasuke combo.

But, all things are not flowers in a series dedicated to Ninja and Aliens. We will surely see some of our favorite characters getting either killed going to a long slumber due to a severe injury.

We will have to wait for the next Chapter to arrive to get the gist of it.

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