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Re: Zero Season 2 Episode 10 Release Date, Discussion, Watch Online.

With the release of the second season of Re: Zero Starting life in another world, we are introduced to an another round of Subaru facing the worst of the worst. And after 9 episodes the intensity of suffering that Subaru is experiencing is off charts. Rem if in her eternal slumber, in the previous episode we saw Otto getting slaughtered and possibly Ram is dead too. Now that we have completed 9 episodes, let’s see what’s there for us in episode 10.

Release Date:

Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Episode 10 will release on 9 September, Wednesday.

The series is not under any hiatus, and every episode will release as per schedule.

Re:Zero Episode 9 Recap:

After the completion of 9 episodes, Subaru has comes a long way, but, there is nothing in this Isekai world that doesn’t surprise Subaru.

The Three Great Mabeasts:

In the beginning of the episode, we see how Echidna shows her pity towards Subaru for to suffering he has gone through. Subaru asks her whether there is a limit to how many times he can reappear after his death, to that Echidna says there is not Limit.

In episode 8 Subaru was devoured by millions of rabbits. Those were actually beasts created by The Witch of Gluttony (Daphne). Echidna says that there are in total Three Great Mabeasts; The White Whale, The Black Serpent, The Great Rabbit.

If you recall, the White Whale is the one that Subaru and the knights fought and killed.

Subaru thinks of possible solution and wants to defeat The Great Rabbit in the same way he did with The White Whale. Echidna suggests him to talk with Daphne, but be very careful while talking to her. Even touching or looking The Witch of Gluttony can have devastating consequences, and if his mind breaks in this realm, the affects may be permanent, even if he dies and returns back.

The Witch of Pride: Typhon

After Echidna replaces her soul with another Witch, a small girl appears, who is first thought of The Witch of Gluttony, but is actually the Witch of Pride. She doesn’t look harmful in the beginning, but, after Subaru touches her, he finds his hand gets detached.

Typhon has the ability to break her target’s body if they have a guilt over something. As a compensation of their sins, she will take her target’s body parts. And as we know Subaru is filled with Guilty and this makes him to perfect target.

However, Subaru is saved by an another Witch, who is not-so-witch-like.

The Witch of Wrath: Minerva

After Subaru is broken to pieces by Typhon, the Witch of Wrath comes to rescue him. There is almost no sign of her being a Witch because her ability is to cure her target. Hitting her target with any part of her body can heal a target, and that’s how Subaru is saved by her.

But, the side effect of Minerva is that every time she hits someone to heal, she creates an another calamity in another part of the world.

The Witch of Gluttony: Daphne

After his experience with the two witches, the last witch that appears is the Witch of Gluttony. Compared to the other witches that appeared before, her appearance, is intimidating, though her body is of a child.

Subaru confronts her about the Beasts she made. And threatens her that he will kill all the Beasts as he has killed The White Whale before. Subaru asks her how to defeat the The Great Rabbit, to which she says that The Great Rabbit relies on Mana to find its pray.

Though, Subaru is serious about killing all the beasts, it seems she has thrown an open challenge for Subaru to defeat them.

One of the most terrifying power of Daphne is that she can make people feel extreme hunger by touching or looking at them. Maybe that’s why Echidna strictly told Subaru to not touch or even looking at her.

The Witch of Envy: Satella

After Subaru return to his senses, he doesn’t find Emilia on his side. He thinks that Emilia was too traumatized and hence has run away. After coming out of the Dungeon, he sees that the whole village is engulfed in a black shadow. Then he sees Satella coming towards him and trying to take Subaru under control.

But, Grafiel saves Subaru but taking him with himself. After that Satella is seen moving towards the Mansion where Rem is resting.

Re:Zero Episode 10 Speculation:

In the end of the episode we can see Roswaal is also been engulfed by the black shadow. He is seen taking the Witch-book with himself before he is engulfed.

There could be various conclusion to this, because Re: Zero to complex to understand.

Altogether we can easily say that Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 10 will be the turning point of this season.

Where to Watch:

There are various ways to watch Re:Zero. These are some of the ways you can watch Re:Zero:

About Re:Zero:

The story is centered around the main Protagonist named Natsuki Subaru who, after suddenly being transported to a different world discovers that he cannot die. To be precise, he has the power to re-experience and change the fate of the same possibility over and over again. In the beginning this ability is unique for him, but as time goes by, he suffers the most as he can’t tell anyone that he has this terrifying ability and if he tries to tell this to anyone, he dies.

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