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One Piece: Strongest Pirate Crews Of All Time. RANKED!

Can you name each and every Pirate Crew in One Piece? I know it’s almost impossible! There’s an old saying: “We only get to know a ship that survived but never the ones that drowned.” I guess this saying is true for One Piece as well!

In this post I’ll list the all-time strongest Pirate Crews in One Piece. Some of these Crews are disbanded but their legacy still remains.

(1) Rocks Pirates

Rocks Pirates is the most dreaded Pirate Group to have ever existed. According to Garp this Pirate Group had Kaido and Big Mom and many other unknown immensely strong Pirates. And when you add the infamous Rocks D. Xebec they were unstoppable!

One Piece Rocks Pirate
Xebec (Rocks Pirates Captain)

Everything about the Rocks Pirates Crew is shrouded in mystery. Maybe the World Government never wanted people to learn about their repeated humiliating defeat.

(2) Roger Pirates

You already had an idea that the Roger Pirates would come in second rank, don’t you? Of course, The Roger Pirates were equally strong, especially because of Roger and Rayleigh. But they were not cruel as the Rocks Pirates. And at the end of the day both Garp and Roger fought against Rocks Pirates and defeated them.

One Piece Roger
Roger (Roger Pirates Captain)

There was also an episode where Roger Pirates, with their one ship, challenged an army of Pirate Ships…Doing this needs some insane fearlessness!

(3) Red Hair Pirates

Shanks, the captain of the Red Hair Pirates follows Roger’s footsteps. The Red Hair Pirates don’t make much appearance but they are feared to no end!

Shanks RED One Piece
Shanks (Red Hair Pirates Captain)

The Red Hair Pirates are, no doubt, one of the strongest Crew as of writing this. the crew have immense experience of being a Pirate.

(4) Whitebeard Pirates

Whitebeard was the most unique among all the Pirates. He didn’t set on a journey to amass materialistic treasures but emotional treasures. What Whitebeard wanted was a family full of Pirates who lived like a family. He was wildly successful in it. As time passed his pirate crew eventually became one of the strongest. Fans speculate that they were almost as strong as Roger Pirates.

One Piece Whitebeard
Whitebeard (Whitebeard Pirates Captain)

I wonder whether they would have become so powerful if they pursued only materialistic treasure? Whitebeard Pirates stayed as one of the strongest until the day the old man passed away…

(5) Beast Pirates

I don’t know whether it’s fair to put the Beast Pirates in 5th place. Almost everyone in this Pirate Crew is astonishingly strong. Well, what can you expect from beasts… Let alone Kaido even Jack was powerful enough to bring the Minks to their knees.

Kaido One Piece
Kaido (Beast Pirates Captain)

I would say the Beast Pirates and Big Mom Pirates are equally strong, and being beasts they have little to no sympathy for Humans or even for their own species…

(6) Big Mom Pirates

If there’s one pirate group in which almost each and every member is insanely powerful, it’s Big Mom Pirates. Almost everyone in the Big Mom Pirates have a bounty more than 500 Million. Heck Katakuri alone has a bounty above 1 Billion.

One Piece Big Mom
Big Mom Pirates

But now that Big Mom is gone, I wonder what will happen to the crew. They may not disband, but they would become considerable weaker than before!

(7) Straw Hat Pirates

The Straw Hat Pirates are the so-called “rising star” of the pirate world. This Pirate group have proven themselves stronger in almost every situation. And now that Luffy has finally become a Yonko The Straw Hats are in for a ride.

One Piece
Straw Hat Pirates

Also Luffy’s bounty is pretty close to Mihawk’s…So, our dude is slowing approaching the “Big Leagues” spot.

(8) Donquixote Pirates

Donquixote Pirates is strong mostly for Doflamingo’s immense Haki. He is the only noble to become a Pirate and have Conqueror’s Haki. If it wasn’t Luffy’s 5th Gear who know Doflamingo might have killed the entire crew.

One Piece Doflamingo
Doflamingo (Donquixote Pirates Captain)

Donquixote Pirates have slowed a bit after their Captain’s arrest! My hunches are saying that by the end of the manga he will come out of prison and participate in the final battle.

(9) Blackbeard Pirates

Ranking Blackbeard Pirates at such low rank doesn’t mean they are weak. They are strong AF but they haven’t proven themselves still! Us One Piece fans do know that Blackbeard is strong, and there’s no question about it.

One Piece Blackbeard
Blackbeard (Captain of Blackbeard Pirates)

But the rest of the crew hasn’t proven themselves…Also if you don’t know Blackbeard is sort of a wimp. He quickly gets scared when his techniques and ideas don’t work.

(10) Sun Pirates

The Sun Pirates were a group of immensely strong Fish-Men. The group was formed by Fisher Tiger. Though the crew was later disbanded one member of this Pirate group did wreck immense havoc and destroyed innocent lives. I’m talking about Arlong!

One Piece Jinbei
Jinbei (Previously Captain of Sun Pirates)

After Fisher Tiger Jinbei became Captain of the Sun Pirates…He too left the crew and as of now operates as the one to sail Thousand Sunny. The Sun Pirates was started with a good intention but things turned to be worse as time passed.

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