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One Piece Episode 985 Release Date, Time & Discussion

The Samurai couldn’t be grateful enough to have these three trio with them. Though sadly(not literally) two among the three are bonkers, but the show won’t be as spicy and eventful if these weren’t there.

I’m talking about Luffy & Kid. In the trio, only Law is more sane and mature. It’s still a surprise how these three are working together, though Law always denies.

Now that the team have reached Onigashima, things have already started heating-up. The events that unfolded in Episode 984 has quickly become a subject of discussion among anime watchers.

Let’s see what One Piece Episode 985 has for us.

Episode 984 Recap

After transforming into Beast costume, the Samurai & Pirates are ready to finally penetrate into the “Dragon’s Den.”

As Kid moves according to his plans, Luffy tries to stop him by throwing some subtle insults. Kid is unmoved by this & Luffy decides to walk with him until he stops. Looking at this situation, Zoro decides to move with Luffy too. We know very well that when Zoro is left alone he is bound to get lost, and that’s what happens.

After walking with Luffy for some time, he loses his way & also lands in between Queen’s Party. Zoro is subtly interested in the high-quality booze & on the other hand, Luffy watches all the food.

Now, here is what must have shocked anime fans if they have deep knowledge about different Haki. While in confrontation with other Beast Pirates, Zoro unleashes Conqueror’s Haki. This is the same Haki that Luffy and other powerful Pirates use. The reason it’s called “Conqueror’s Haki” is because it’s the color of the “Supreme King.” People capable of unleashing this Haki are considered to be extremely strong.

One Piece Zoro

We haven’t ever seen Zoro unleashing Conqueror’s Haki, and Luffy was the only one in the crew to unleash this. Anime watchers are lucky since they have been served this surprise too early. This was revealed in the manga after many important event happened.

Well, coming back to Franky and his group. Franky has revealed his new “tools.” This are just toys for Franky since he likes to play with it. And, every time this happens, the one to get excited are Chopper & Usopp.

In a short scene, we also saw Kaido’s son following Jinbei & Robin. Now, whether he is a spy or not is still a question. If he want’s he can single-handedly clash against Robin & Jinbei. Let’s see how the story moves ahead.

Release Date

Since One Piece is not on a break, Episode 985 will release as scheduled. The episode will release on Saturday, July 31st at 5:30 PM(PDT).

The upcoming episode is going to be exciting. Why? If the ending wasn’t enough, what else argument do we need? Zoro unleashing Conqueror’s Haki is an another thing Anime guys will surely love to watch. But, for us Manga readers, it’s more of a surprise.

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