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2Channel Creator Hiroyuki Nishimura Gets Manga Dedicated To Him

The Twitter handle of Manga Mogura RE (@MangaMoguraRE) and official website of Tonari no Young Jump has revealed on Friday that Horoyuki Nishimura, the creator of 2Channel and the present owner of 4chan(since 2015) will receive an isekai manga dedicated to him.

The title of the upcoming manga is : “Isekai Hiroyuki.” Which simply translates into “Hiroyuki In Another World.”

Isekai have always been a hot topic in the Japanese manga industry. They make a large portion of one of the best manga ever created…But, this one takes the isekai genre at a whole new level!

Tasuku Totsuka will be writing the story, whereas Kengoro Nishide will be doing all the illustration.

Interestingly, Nishimura is directly involved in the manga and is acting as the supervisor…

Manga community on Twitter is split between whether to like the manga or not. Some are not interested in the new series, and some are arguing that it’s a new experiment with the isekai genre. Well, finally only the storyline and chapter will decide whether the series will make its name…

Hiroyuki Nishimura is well-known for the website “2channel,” the anonymous imageboard website he created in 1999, where users could paste images anonymously. In fact, 4chan was created after taking inspiration from 2channel!

As of writing this, the website 2channel doesn’t have the same URL as before. It has been changed to

Tonari no Young Jump explains the manga:

“Humanity has been driving away the Demon Lord’s army for a long time by summoning “Heroes” once every 100 years. But one day, the Demon Lord’s army devises a countermeasure to the Heroes: entrap and kill them when they’re in a defenseless state straight after the summoning. To commemorate this historic fear, the Great Demon Lord designated that year as “Year One of Entrapment Killing.”

Tonari no Young Jump follows –

“The Heroes have all been slaughtered by the Demon Lord’s forces ever since. Fast forward to today, Year 1000 of Entrapment Killing: the summoners are very worried. “What kind of Hero should we call? I don’t know… Someone take this out of our hands!” And thus, they summoned Hiroyuki, creator of 2channel and the master at settling debates.”

Source: Tonari no Young Jump, Twitter, ANN

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