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At last we reached the “1000” mark, and as Oda promised, it seems he has covered 1000th Chapter in 2020. Wow! what a great achievement. It’s hard it believe that our favorite Manga is already 23+ years old. The War against Wano’s freedom is at its peak. The Red Scabbards have already landed their blow on Kaido, but in exchange of Kiku’s arm. On the other hand, the Straw-hats are also heading towards the top floor. Though the Straw-hats are trying hard to reach the top floor as quick as possible, Kaido’s army are quite powerful and on top of it Big Mom is also wrecking havoc. But, despite that, Chopper have found out the antidote of Queen’s plague shots. There are a lot of things to explain. Before that let’s look into One Piece 1000 Spoilers and Raw Scan Status.


Chapter 1000 Spoilers are out before Christmas. Oda promised to complete 1000 chapters within this year, and he kept his promise. Though is a spoiler and not the official release, we get to learn some interesting revelations.

  • Chapter name is “Strawhat Luffy.”
  • Luffy finally reaches the 5th floor, thanks to Shishilian and Inuarashi’s group.
  • Marco plays a major role again and block King’s and Queen’s attacks and throws Zoro on the roof.
  • Yamato says that Oden’s Logbook said the, “The Young Pirates would arrive in the New World in 20 years.”
  • Ace remembers about what Luffy’s told him about his dream, when Ace and Sabo laughed. Although they both believe that Luffy could do it.
  • Yamato gives Ace a Vivre Card.
  • The final bunch Luffy, Zoro, Law, Kid and Killer will now fight against Kaido and Big Mom.
  • Kaido says: “Say it again in front of our faces! What do you want to become?”
  • Kin’emon and other Red Scabbards go downstairs with Law’s power.
  • Luffy remembers his friends from Wano and then goes on the attack Kaido with “Gomu Gomu no Red Rock” in Gear 3. (This could be a mis-translation, or a new power).
  • After Luffy hits Kaido, Big Mom says to Kaido: “How did you let yourself get hit like that?”
  • In the end Luffy says: “I am Monkey D. Luffy. I will surpass you and I will be the King of the Pirates.”


Strawhat Luffy

The name of the Chapter is enough to fill us with nostalgia. There is nothing more special for a mangaka and the reader to reach “Chapter 1000.” And, we know how clever Oda is when it comes to triggering emotional feelings.

When One Piece began its serialization, name of Chapter 1 was “Romance Dawn“, and Chapter 2 was “They Call him Strawhat Luffy.”

It was in the Second Chapter when Luffy started his journey to become the “Pirate King”, and rest is just history. looking even before he ate his Devil Fruit, he was always confident to become the Pirate King.

And, now in Chapter 1000, when Luffy is facing the toughest enemy he has ever faced, he is saying the same thing when Kaido asks him. That’s Luffy for us, and hence, the name of the Chapter is also entirely dedicated to Luffy and his Wisdom.

Luffy Vs. Kaido & Big Mom

The very first time, when Luffy fought against Kaido, he was destroyed with just one hit. That proved to be the changing incident for Luffy, as, after such a humiliating defeat he was conscious about how powerful Kaido is.

If Luffy would have somehow defeated Kaido back then, then maybe he wouldn’t have ever went under the harsh training under Hyogoro and learned new techniques.

Why Chapter 1000 is one of the most important chapters lately is because, on one side we have Luffy, Zoro, Law, Kid and Killer and on the other side we have Kaido and Big Mom.

Let’s look into the relation each character have with Kaido and Big Mom.

  • Luffy have already fought Kaido and Big Mom and have failed to defeat both of them. While we know what happened to Luffy while facing Kaido, Big Mom was too powerful for Luffy too back in Whole Cake Island.
  • Zoro wants to become the strongest swordsman in the world, and, now that he has got Enma, he would surely want to use it on Kaido. Maybe he won’t directly attack Big Mom, only if situation arises.
  • Law has the most closest relationship with both Kaido and Big Mom. At one time Law was with Doflamingo’s pirate crew, and both Kaido and Doflamingo were working together to make artificial devil fruits. Considering Big Mom, though Law does not have a direct relation with her, but, Bepo’s older brother was killed by Big Mom. Hence, Law has a revenge to take from Big Mom in place of Bepo.
  • We got to see Kaido for the first time through Kid and his pirates. After that Kid’s crew was taken under by Kaido and he was put into prison. Killer, who is the right hand man of Kid also had to face something even more horrible than than. He was fed a defected SMILE fruit, hence, forcing him to express only one expression.

There are many more reason why these four are the best against Kaido and Big Mom. Oda also wants to represent that the Old Era is ending and these are the New Generation Pirates, also called the Worst Generation.

New Power?

When Luffy attacked Kaido, he used, what we think is, a new power. The translation could say anything, but, since Big Mom said: “How did you let yourself get hit like that?” we can take into account that Luffy did some damage to Kaido.

But, time and again, we have seen Luffy unleashing his new powers whenever he faces a new opponent. We saw the same when he fought Doflamingo.


Moving on from Luffy to Zoro, he has now got the Enma, and Kaido should be extremely worried. When Zoro used Enma for the first time, he failed to handle its power.

But, it’s now quite a time after that incident took place, and, he should be able to control it pretty fine.

Believe it or not, I can already see a panel, where all five of them, Luffy, Zoro, Law, Kid and Killer are landing their final blow on Kaido’s chest and defeating him while Big Mom is either already defeated or shocked.

Well! whatever happens, we are in for a good one.

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