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Will Yami And Charlotte End-Up Together?

Yami x Charlotte is the stronger ship in Black Clover and countless fans in the community want their shop to sail! So, the question still remain: Will Yami and Charlotte end-up together?

Will they marry at the end of the series? Are there any red flags regarding their relationship?

Honestly speaking, there are countless questions regarding these two. I’ll try to answer the most important ones!

With this let’s dive deep:


Yami Is Dense Dude!

Do I have to say anything more about this? I have seen quite a lot of anime and read tonnes of manga, but I’ve rarely came across a guy this dense!

Yami is so out of sync in terms of love that even if Charlotte confesses her love right on his face he wouldn’t flinch. If you can recall, then that’s exactly what happened when Yami was about to die in the Tree Qliphoth.

Finral witnessed the moment Charlotte confessed her feelings and also reported this to Yami. Yet, he didn’t believe it outright…This, my friends, is what we call a “Dense Dude.”

Charlotte Has Given Him So Many Signals

As I mentioned before, Yami is dense AF! He is great at launching insanely powerful attacks on opponents, but is pathetically lame at sensing what a woman feels about him.

On top of that, I’m not talking about other woman but Charlotte herself! In fact I would say that Charlotte ha given a hell lot more hints than Noelle has to Asta!

At the end of the day what he only does is overthink and take a dump! But, finally we are seeing a light at the end of all this!

Yami x Charlotte Black Clover
Yami x Charlotte

Black Clover final arc has begun and Yami has finally taken into consideration that Charlotte might like him! Yeah, he was taking a dump at that point too! What a guy! LMAO…

Yami x Charlotte The Best Ship?

Hell Yeah, Yami x Charlotte are the BEST SHIP in Black Clover. Asta x Noelle is only the smaller version of them!

What makes their “yet-to-be” relationship so cute is the stark contrast between their personality. Yami isn’t yet sure why Charlotte behaves so oddly in front of him. Worse, he even thinks that Charlotte hates him! LOL!

On the other hand Charlotte is a tsundere who is too flustered when Yami is around her.

If this isn’t the bets ship/love combination then I don’t know what is!

I’m damn sure they both will remain the same even when they are married and have kids.

So, Will Yami x Charlotte Ship Sail?

Now, who doesn’t want Yami x Charlotte to happen? At least I do, and probably you too! But I’ll stop you right there!

It’s a cruel manga cliche that when a character is finally on the verge of learning the “best kept secret,” there’s a high chance that the character dies!

And we have seen this happen again and again! The best among all is Jiraya and Tsunade.

I hope something like this doesn’t happen with Yami and Charlotte. Damn Black Clover community will cry their hearts out! Even imagining such a possibility is making me sad!

On the flip-side Black Clover creator Yuki Tabata has sent several hints that he does not feel like killing characters! Heck only a handful of them died when the Three Dark Triads attacked.

They weren’t even important characters at the end of the day!

So, if you ask me then I’ve this to say:

Yes, Yami x Charlotte Ship will Sail.

Conclusion & FAQ

How sure are you that Charlotte will end-up with Yami? I’m 99% sure. In conclusion, I was reading a lot of things in various community forums about Yami and Charlotte, and most of the fans were worried sick!

This simply shows how many Black Clover fans really want these two to comer together!

Will Yami & Charlotte Marry?

Yes, Yami & Charlotte might marry at the end of Black Clover.

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