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Control Devil Vs War Devil Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Part 2 is here and this time it’s the War Devil. In the first part we had Makima (Control Devil) and now it’s Mikata (War Devil). Surprisingly both of them have really close physical appearance! But who is stronger? Hence, in this post I’ll talk about Control Devil vs War Devil!

We fans are dying to get a look at our boy Denji. But, before the Hero can arrive, the Villain is already here and planning something REALLY BIG!

Well, let’s leave everything to the future and have a look at this comparison between Makima & Mikata:

Control Devil Vs War Devil

I know the War Devil is a new concept and we have only seen some of its powers. But from what the Devil demonstrated, it can transform anything into a weapon and cause large-scale destruction! Surprisingly its power is pretty close to Reze (Bomb Devil).

On the other hand we have the Control Devil. Well, the Devil who can control anyone!

The Control Devil’s power is on a different level. In fact I don’t think Chainsaw Man creator Fujimoto ever explained the real depth of her powers! She could not only control Human, but also animals and other Devils.

Yes, she had her limits, but yet, it felt like she is unstoppable!

What happens if Control Devil and War Devil go against each other?

Power Death Chainsaw Man

Hmm…If these two fight, the first thing the Control Devil will try to do is see whether it can hijack the War Devil’s physical and mental body!

The War Devil being too strong, it’ll negate Control Devil’s command and the battle will continue!

After both of them use each and every techniques they have, there’s a possibility that the Control Devil will win!

Why? If you see, the War Devil has a limit to how many techniques it can use...Also, at the end of the day it’s War we are talking about! The most that can happen is explosions and things related to that!

But, if you see how versatile the Control Devil techniques are you’ll be in awe! It’s theoretically endless! The Control Devil can teleport, can fire a mysterious kind of thrust from fingers, control almost anyone, can kill anyone from long distances, has very keen smell…And the list goes on!!

While the War Devil doesn’t seem to have such things! it strives to create its army by killing humans which is a long procedure!

Finally I’ll leave this final decision to you. Who do you think is the Strongest?

Control Devil or War Devil?

I think the Control Devil is WAY stronger!!

So, Who Is Really The Strongest? Makima Or Mikata?

Now, we have compared the Control Devil and the War Devil, but who is stronger between Makima and Mikata? Of course this is an obvious question!

Makima Vs Mikata Chainsaw Man
Makima vs Mikata

The shortest answer is this:

Makima is WAY stronger than Mikata.

You need to understand the simple difference between Makima & Mikata! While Makima is the Control Devil, Mikata is not such! She is Hybrid and has access to the War Devil’s powers.

But here’s the most surprising part: Asa Mikata is not the conventional Hybrid. Like we saw in Chainsaw Man Part 1. She has directly communicate with her devil and can also switch with her whenever she wants!

This is a completely new concept, hence, there’s very little information about it!

Conclusion & FAQ

A Devil always gets power from others fear. In this case both Makima (Control Devil) and Mikata (War Devil) are insanely strong. Both of them have qualities of a universal fear that almost every people have.

But, the fear of control is embedded in everyone. Even in a child who has no idea what a War is! And that’s exactly what makes Makima a formidable enemy against almost all devil.

If you really want to know which devil is powerful enough to counter Makima (Control Devil), it’s the Darkness Devil!

Control Devil Vs War Devil. Who Is Stronger?

Control Devil is stronger than War Devil. Makima is stronger than Mikata.

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