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Fire Force 242 Read Spoilers, Raw Scans.

In previous Chapter we saw an “Explosive” entrance of Ogun when Charon tried to attack Arrow. The Second Cataclysm has begun after the White-Clads successfully abducted all the 8 Pillars. This includes Shinra and Sho. Now that the Second Cataclysm has begun, will the Special Fire Force able the stop it? Let’s find out in Fire Force 242 Spoilers.


The Spoilers of Chapter 242 are out, and we have a interesting battle between Charon and Ogun.

  • Name of the Chapter is “FAMILY INHERITANCE.”
  • Charon blocks Ogun’s attack but, he lands a tight blow on Charon’s neck.
  • Charon reflects Ogun’s attack with his Counter technique.
  • Ogun keeps attacking Charon after he says that “Salvation is nice, but sometimes Destruction is Salvation.”
  • Ogun says that it is his responsibility to save the people of Tokyo as his ancestors did during the previous Cataclysm.
  • Ogun unleashes his “Family Ink” technique and tries to attack Charon with his full might, but Charon stomps him to defeat.
  • In the end panel we see Charon getting ready to take on another target.

The Pillar’s Guardian Angel

In Haijima Industries Arc we saw how powerful Charon was. When Nataku Son was destabilized by Haumea, he unleashed radioactive fire attacks powerful enough to destroy Tokyo.

Nataku Son : Fandom

But, it was Charon who absorbed the attack and then deflected it to the Moon. While absorbing the enormous force, he said that he was the Guardian Angel of the Pillars and he could die protecting them.

Charon even protected Shinra when he was about to get hit by radioactive rays.

Can Ogun defeat Charon?

If we try to recall, in the Chinese Peninsula Arc, when Shinra and others went to see the Tabernacle, they were attacked by a Demon Infernal. While Shinra was gathering energy from the Black Women, it was Ogun who kept the Demon Infernal at bay and stopped it from attacking.

Fighting and defeating a Demon Infernal is totally different from defeating an average Infernal. It requires considerable strength and Fire Power. Hence, if Ogun was able to stop the Demon Infernal for some time, it is safe enough to say that he can cause damage to Charon.

Charon’s Weakness

The White-Clads are undoubtedly extremely strong and have unique powers in them. But, they all have some weaknesses they have to deal with. Huamea is weak against Arthur. Inca is weak quick opponents against since she has no skill and only talent. They all seem to have weak spots, but as of now we haven’t able to see Charon getting defeated by anyone.

Charon was able to counter Shinra’s kicks easily as if it was just an itch. Though Charon have never faced Benimaru, but we can say that Benimaru would have to go all-out to defeat him.

So, is it impossible to defeat Charon? It may seem so, but there may be a weakness with how much he can absorb within a short amount of time. We have seen him absorbing Nataku Son’s radioactive fire, but, what if he is hit with intense fire within a very short time? Maybe he would overburden himself and faint.

Hence, as of now this is the most feasible way to defeat Charon.

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