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One Piece Chapter 1008 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Chapter 1007 was one hell of a reunion. Though it’s yet not proven whether it is actually Oden or just an illusion, the reaction from One Piece community was priceless. On the other hand, as we expected, Chopper has made the Antidote of Queen’s Virus. And fortunate enough, Hyogoro was saved. Well, now that we have got the Antidote and Queen’s subordinates have learned real real intentions, I won’t be surprised if they all battle against Queen. But, after Oden’s revelation, all the attention diverted to that part. Chapter 1008 will be extremely interesting to read and and know whether the man we are seeing in actually Oden? With this let’s look into One Piece Chapter 1008 Spoilers, Raw Scans and some Discussion.


Chopper Vs Queen?

Now that Choppe has made made the Antidote of Queen’s Virus, he is free and do whatever he wants. And, after releasing the Antidote in air, he quickly engulfs a Rumble Ball and goes on to attack Queen.

But, the real question is whether he can defeat Queen in such short time? Fortunately, not only Chopper, but the Pleasures has also joined to protect Chopper and fight against Queen.

My instinct are saying that this is the end for Queen as at present he is in a tough spot and surrounded by more opponents he can handle.

Is That Really Oden?

Okay, the biggest question of the day. Is that really Oden?

One Piece community is split between two speculations. One of saying, of course, it’s the real Oden, and the other side is saying that it’s Kanjuro who is playing with his illusion technique only to tease the Red Scabbards into thinking that Oden is alive.

At the position we are in, it’s hard to say whether the guy we saw is actually Oden or just a petty Illusion? But, reverse engineering this, the only person to have the ability to travel in time was Toki(Oden’s Wife) but, there is no record whether she could travel past in time.

And if she did, then there is a slight chance that the Oden we are seeing is the real one, and this changes the course of the War and Wano’s Future.

A break after this Chapter has taken the curiosity of us fellow readers in new heights. Only the spoilers can answer these questions.


Spoilers are here, and from here we are back again to Kaido vs the Supernova.

  • Chapter title is “Atamayama Bandit Leader Ashura Doji.”
  • Oden says, he jumped to the future, thanks to Toki’s power.
  • It is revealed that it was fake Oden created by Kanjuro’s powers.
  • Suddenly, a bomb explodes affecting the false Oden and Ashura.
  • As planned, Jack arrives at the scene to stop the Red Scabbards, Inuarashi clashes with him. The rest of the pack leaves out to find Momo.
  • It’s revealed that Orochi is alive.
  • In a scene, we see Yamato and Momonosuke.
  • Kaido’s hybrid form is revealed and Big Mom clashes with the Worst Generation.
  • Law says: We must remove one of them, and to which Zoro agrees.
  • Kid says: Having the two of you side-by-side in front of myself is like being in Hell.
  • The chapter ends with Luffy replying to Kid: I’ve already been to Hell many times!!

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