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Strongest Devils List In Chainsaw Man!

The series where Devils are the center of story has so many Devils that it’s hard to make out which one is weak and strong. And, the story’s complexity adds as an extra dose to this confusion. A Devil that we see as weak suddenly becomes strong in the next chapter and vice-verse. But, there is always room to declare the Strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man

But, there are always some Devils that are serious power. There strength is outranked by very less Devil Hunters and when they unleash their ultimate power mayhem and havoc is the only thing visible.

But, this list will try to clear this confusion about which Devil is more stronger.


Strongest Devils Ranked!

(17) Ghost Devil

Among all the Devils in the list, Ghost Devil is probably the least strongest. Don’t get me wrong, it’s quite strong, but when compared to others it doesn’t stand a chance for long. According to how the manga explains, a ghost becomes more powerful when someone fears them.

Chainsaw Man Ghost Devil
Ghost Devil

And fearing Ghost is probably one of the most common trait among humans. Especially people who are psychologically handicapped; they tend to exaggerate their fear of something and in this case it’s fear of Ghosts.

So, in that scenario, we can say that Ghost Devil should be powerful enough to defeat other devils. But, unfortunately this didn’t happened in the manga.

(16) Zombie Devil

A Zombie is especially feared because of its looks and body language. If you observe closely, there is nothing supernaturally powerful about a Zombie. But, the rule in Chainsaw Man universe is different. People fear Zombies, and hence inadvertently make the Zombie more powerful.

Chainsaw Man Zombie Devil
Zombie Devil

If you have already read the series, you might have a hunch about the similarity between Doll Devil and Zombie Devil. They both almost have the same capability. In a short glance it might seem so, but in reality the difference is huge.

Both Doll Devil and Zombie Devil are freely able to control Humans. The difference is how their technique is executed! For the Zombie Devil’s ability to work the victim must be infected through a bite. On the other hand, Doll Devil only needs to touch their victim and they are under control without even knowing that they’re already dead.

(15) Blood Devil

One of the standing Pillars in the series; Power is the Blood Devil. Her power is diminished by her lazy and air-headed attitude. Just think about it, Who doesn’t have blood in their body? Everybody does, hence, if she trains good enough, then she can defeat her opponent easily.

Power's Horn Chainsaw Man
Blood Devil (Power)

She does play a very important role later in the series, but as for compared to other Devils, she is quite weak. Nothing much can be said about her, as everything is already shown in the manga.

(13) Future Devil

Now, this one is intriguing. Aki met the Future Devil in a jail. That means it was already captured by some unknown Devil Hunters. Though, we could never see it battle in the series.

Chainsaw Man Future Devil
Future Devil

To counter the inability to know how powerful this Devil is, I have a theory. What if this Devil is not so mobile like other devils? Let’s say a Devil Hunter came to either capture or kill it, then the best the Future Devil can do is to show the victim their future.

It need not be a Future that’s accurate, but a future that’s so terrifying that the Victim simply gives-up on everything. If this theory proves to be accurate, then death should be better than having to stay alive with all those trauma lingering around.

The eye it has is the center of its power, and what lies underneath it is still unknown.

(14) Snake Devil

See, that’s the Ghost Devil getting massacred by the Snake Devil. People have fear of snakes, but I had a hard time believing that Ghost Devil can be killed by the Snake Devil? At least if it’s seen through the manga’s theory.

Snake Devil

Well, whatever it is, as we saw in Power’s case, a Devil’s power is also dependent on the user’s capacity and capability. An immature person handling a powerful devil can be defeated by an average Devil if its user is hell lot experienced.

And, in this case, I think the Snake Devil’s user had an upper hand. Also, the Ghost Devil was devoured by the Snake Devil while it was fighting the Katana Devil.

(12) Eternity Devil

This is a special kind of fear that’s hard to cover from. We have especially seen this in the movies. “Eternal Damnation” is a word that can be fearful for many. Hence, the Eternal Devil takes a good spot in a Devil’s strength.

Eternity Devil
Eternity Devil

Though in the manga this Devil got a power boost due to a reason(Spoiler, so can’t say), if anyone gets engulfed by this one, then it’s over for them. On top of everything the Eternity Devil also has thickly covered muscles and plays tricks that is almost impossible to solve.

If it was not for one particular Devil Hunter, then that day many good Devil Hunters would have died in vain.

(11) Doll Devil

Even Makima and other extremely experienced Devil Hunters were alert when they knew about the arrival of the Doll Devil. The Doll Devil real body never appeared, only we saw a person called Santa Claus in the manga.

Chainsaw Man Santa Claus Doll Devil
Santa Claus(Doll Devil Contract)

You can say that this is the heavily upgraded version of the Zombie Devil. As the name of this Devil is, it can transform people into a Doll only by touch. The worst thing about this is that not only the person dies, but it’s almost impossible to differentiate a fine-made Doll with a Human.

(10) Cosmos Devil

Satoru Gojo would be a good opponent to the Cosmos Devil. If you have watched Jujutsu Kaisen, you know what I mean! The Cosmos Devil didn’t make an appearance with its usual form. The form below is a Fiend(Devils taking over dead bodies of Humans).

Chainsaw Man Cosmos Devil
Cosmos Devil

In terms of physical ability, this Devil is a kid and can do almost nothing, but, if someone enters their domain, the intensive amount of information that crosses through is more than enough to break them. And, this really happened with one unlucky Devil.

(9) Angel Devil

Whenever I see the Angel Devil, the first question that comes to my mind is that. “There are group of people large enough to fear Angels?” I mean the only existence to fear an Angel are the Devils and other negative energies isn’t it?

Chainsaw Man Angel Devil
Angel devil

Well, for an extremely lazy and laidback Devil, the Angel is actually immensely powerful. Would you believe if I say that the Angel Devil’s ultimate technique was enough to defeat Chainsaw Devil?

The Angel Devil’s power is peculiar. Even a touch can kill its opponent. What actually happens is that after it touches a person their time of being alive starts to reduce. That means, a person who is supposed to live for 50 years may now live up to 49 years after touching the Angel Devil.

(8) Katana Devil

The Katana Devil’s power and techniques are quite close to the Chainsaw Devil. Where there is Katana Devil, mayhem is only waiting to happen. This Devil doesn’t specially have an overly powerful technique, but it’s fast and have their body covered with Katana, so fighting is painful experience.

Chainsaw Man Katana Devil
Katana Devil

Don’t go on thinking that Aki dies in the above image. It’s just a serious injury, and he recovers after this. The Katana Devil surely showed some formidable strength, but it was outclassed by other Devil like the Curse Devil.

(7) Bomb Devil

The fear of bomb is pretty common unless you’re a daredevil. The saga that took place before the revelation of the Bomb Devil was hilarious and romantic at the same time. Her fighting style is pretty much same as Katana Devil and also the Chainsaw Devil.

Chainsaw Man Bomb Devil
Bomb Devil (Reze)

There is nothing special about the Gun Devil. She is a moving bomb where every part of her body can be used as explosive. She wrecked havoc and killed a handful of experienced Devil Hunters even before unleashing her true strength.

(6) Curse Devil

Cursing someone or being cursed is something that is disappearing slowly in this modern era. But, the series’ mangaka didn’t leave this subject out of his mind. Curse Devil made its appearance only twice in the series, but the power it had was astonishing.

Chainsaw Man Curse Devil
Curse Devil

The above image is of Katana being juiced to death. The Curse Devil doesn’t particularly have a Human form, it’s only skull, rib-cage and hands. After being crushed by the Curse Devil, Katana Man had no option but to escape. Though he might have died if his companion wasn’t there for him.

(5) Hell Devil

Nothing much was known about the Hell Devil until it was unleashed. You see, as we move on to the strongest Devils, the power they have is otherworldly. It’s unfair to have this much power.

Chainsaw Man Hell Devil
Hell Devil

Hell is also one of the aspect that is either hated or feared. In reality the Hatred that Hell receives is Fear in disguise. On top of that if a person is religious, they have an even more hatred(fear) towards Hell because the person have read and have also made an illusion towards it. I’m turning philosophical so I’ll stop.

(4) Darkness Devil

Remember? Back when we were kids and the darkness used to scare us? You didn’t fear the dark? Well, damn luck are you! Seems the same devil has made its appearance in Chainsaw Man. Measuring its power would be an insult to it, so I won’t!

Chainsaw Man Darkness Devil
Darkness Devil

Although I won’t just write those fear-filled words and run away. The Darkness Devil has powers and techniques that are completely different from humans. Even the language it speaks is completely different.

To compare its strength. Makima had no chance but to escape after exchanging some blows. You know Makima’s strength quite well, and if a Devil is powerful enough to challenge her, then this guy is no joke!

(3) Gun Devil

The primary reason why the Devil Association was created. Gun Devil’s physical presence is enough for an average Human to lose half their life in fear. The image below might not be clear, but his chest is covered in Human Skulls. Probably representing the lives it have claimed.

Chainsaw Man Gun Devil
Gun Devil

As you can see, the Gun Devil’s whole body is covered with Guns and Bullets. Back in the past when it started wrecking havoc, thousands if not more died. There were many who were spared and the reason is still not clear.

After that event, the Gun Devil never made its appearance and the people never want to see it either.

(2) Control Devil

I have been saying this again and again, from the beginning of the series, I never thought that this particular character would one day turn to be a Devil herself. Though there was a slight indication, but it was too subtle for most readers to catch onto.

Chainsaw Man Makima
Control Devil (Makima)

Makima is the Control Devil. There is a famous phrase, “Sky is the Limit,” and it applies with fear as well. We saw quite a number of Devils and the fears associated with them, but there is a type of fear that is present in everyone a Buddha. The fear of being “Controlled.”

Makima is the physical embodiment of “Control,” hence the Control Devil. The setting of the story is such that she gains power everyday and even if she doesn’t want to. The best thing about this is that she has to do nothing. Her closest opponent is the Gun Devil who wants her to die in any way possible.

(1) Chainsaw Devil

The Devil of Devils is what I would like to say about the Chainsaw Devil. When an entire series is focused on a single Devil, then there is surely something special about it. Denji inherited the power of Chainsaw Devil after it ate Pochita, and after that there was no turning back.

Chainsaw Man Chainsaw Devil
Chainsaw Devil

The Chainsaw Devil’s history is covered with mayhem that is unimaginable for any human born yet. Talking too much about his past will be too much of a Spoilers, hence, I won’t. But, He is FAST, STRONG, ALMOST UNBEATABLE. That should be enough!

Other Devils

Besides all the Devils with extraordinary strength and powers, there are Devils too that are average or their powers don’t notch up to such heights. These are the random Devils that appear in the series and play very little role in driving the main storyline.

  • Fox Devil
  • Bat Devil
  • Leech Devil
  • Muscle Devil
  • Shark Devil
  • Spider Devil
  • Stone Devil
  • Tomato Devil
  • Typhoon Devil
  • Violence Devil
  • Octopus Devil
  • Spear Devil
  • Flamethrower Devil
  • Crossbow Devil
  • Whip Devil
  • Other Unnamed Devils with Quanxi
  • Punishment Devil

Among all the above Devils, Punishment Devil seems to be quite powerful, but unfortunately we could only see it in action in one panel so I couldn’t write anything extra.

Strongest Devils In Chainsaw Man List!

  • Chainsaw devil (Devil of Devils)
  • Control devil (Can Control anyone)
  • Gun devil (Incalculable Chaos)
  • Darkness devil (Formidable but weak against Light)
  • Hell devil (Hellish Suffering)
  • Curse devil (Causes immense damage but comes with heavy repercussions to the user)
  • Bomb Devil (Same a Katana devil)
  • Katana Devil (Strength focused on Raw Physical prowess. Weak against supernatural Devils)
  • Angel devil (Even a single touch can kill the opponent)
  • Cosmos devil (Overwhelms opponent with information)
  • Doll devil (Transforms victim into controllable dolls killing them in process)
  • Eternity devil (hard to find its actual body, but weak)
  • Snake devil (Nothing special, but powerful enough)
  • Future devil (The Future Rules)
  • Blood devil (POWER, POWER, POWER!)
  • Zombie devil (Almost same as Doll Devil, but weak against powerful Devils)
  • Ghost devil (Nothing Special but can cause severe damage when completely unleashed)


I tried to mention each and every devil that appeared in the manga. There might be various other unknown devils but who cares about them? In short, the whole manga revolves around only a handful of Devils and Devil Hunters.

Though it’s hard to say when will the series restart after its Part-1, but, I follow Chainsaw Man community and fans already have made countless speculations about the upcoming story.

Frankly speaking, some of them are worth reading and you might check it out if really interested. Just search “Chainsaw Man Part-2 Speculation/Fan Made Theory,” and you’ll get links from Wattpad or Reddit.

Few weeks ago, the mangaka of this series, Tatsuki Fujimoto released a One-shot manga named “Look Back.” It’s a huge 140+ page story with pretty dark storyline. It’s free so Check It Out.

Fujimoto releasing this beastly 140+ One-shot is an indirect reply to those who are complaining that he has taken quite a long break and needs to restart Chainsaw Man. I guess he should take a little break after “Look Back” and then return with fresh mind for Part-2.

Read Chainsaw Man


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