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Top 10 One Piece Characters Who Can Beat Roger

One Piece and Gol D. Roger goes hand-in-hand. Roger literally is the guy who kicked off One Piece’s story and here we are after more than twenty years, the adventure is still going one! Though Roger is considered the most powerful Pirate every, there’s always a question: Who can Beat Roger?

Hence, in this post I’ll mentioned list of 10 characters who are strong enough to beat Roger, or at least critically injure him…


(10) Shanks

Why have I included Shanks in this list? It’s because he has seen Roger and his fighting techniques since childhood. On top of that Roger considered Shanks strong and qualified enough to hand over his Straw Hat…Just like Shanks did to Luffy.

Shanks RED One Piece

Shanks also has all the three types of haki in advanced form and has clashed against Whitebeard. Speculations indicate that his sword skills are at par with Mihawk. I don’t know how true is that but Mihawk did give a subtle indication of not fighting Shanks.

Plus a guy who faced Whitebeard’s pressure and lived is anyway qualified for something greater…

(9) Big Mom

Unlike Kaido Big Mom’s power is more advanced in nature. She can manipulate her soul and use it as an insanely powerful weapon. Does that mean she is powerful enough to pin down Gol D?

Big Mom One Piece
Big Mom

She might have a chance to injure, and maybe beat Roger if entire crew of Big Mom Pirates goes against him. But Linlin alone has no chance of beating Roger!

(8) Kaido

Roger and Garp beat Rocks Pirates. That means Kaido was also defeated that day. Does that mean Kaido stands no chance against Roger? I don’t think so! The God Valley incident happened years ago. Back then Kaido was not as experienced as he became in Wano Arc.

Kaido One Piece

Oden fought head-to-head against Kaido and left a deep cut mark on his chest. And when Oden tried to attack Roger, what happened? instant KO! So, yeah Kaido has very low chance of pinning down Roger, but he does have some chance of injuring him critically.

(7) Luffy

Now this is surprise, but Luffy has obviously become more powerful than he was before Wano Arc. He has awakened Gear 5th! If you haven’t yet read the manga then I won’t spoil you. Rest assured, Gear 5th is way more powerful and peculiar than Gear 4th… How does this affect his chances of beating Roger?

Luffy Awakens Devil Fruit One Piece

What makes Gear 5th tough to challenge is its unpredictable nature. It is almost impossible to calculate the range of attacks and the points it can come from. If you watched Jujutsu Kaisen, it’s like Domain Expanion.

(6) Sengoku

Sengoku is as powerful, if not more powerful than Garp. What he only misses is fierceness and initial D as Garp. It’s hard to say whether he could beat Roger immediately, but the battle between the two would be catastrophic!

Sengoku One Piece

Sengoku was to Navy what Akainu is at present. Akainu, on the other hand, stands no chance against Roger. But Sengoku? Yeah, he does…

(5) Garp

Even at the end of this life Garp is strong enough to drown Pirate ships. So just imagine how powerful he as a young marine. God Valley incident is the best example of how powerful Garp was! Garp and Roger fought Rocks Pirates and beat them. Now, what would happen if Garp went against Roger?

One Piece Garp

Simple: utter mayhem! If Young Garp was strong enough to bring down at least half of the Rocks Pirates then wouldn’t he stand head-to-head against Roger as well?

(4) Shiki

Shiki is never mentioned in the series. But this guy was one of the member of the Rocks Pirates. Let that sink in! In his very few appearances Shiki is seen to have monstrous strength and tenacity.

Shiki One Piece

In fact it too Garp and Sengoku to beat him, that too after insane difficulty. It would be too much to say that Shiki could defeat Roger in one-on-one battle, but he was powerful enough to critically injured the latter.

(3) Whitebeard

One Piece anime surpassed all limits of animation quality when Roger and Whitebeard clashed. Those few seconds of their clash could be felt through the screen. Sheer intensity! Roger took Whitebeard seriously and considered him a strong Pirate capable of becoming the Pirate King.

Whitebeard Vs Roger One Piece

Whitebeard never considered becoming a Pirate so he never really did fought against Roger after the God Valley incident!

(2) Im

Im is arguably the most secretive character in One Piece. Almost nothing is known about this person. Heck we don’t even know whether Im is even a Human. According to various mentions and fan speculations Im was actively involved in deleting God Vally and the secret of Ohara.


Im has never shown what types of attack he/she uses but he is the best contender to beat Roger.

(1) Rocks D. Xebec

It’s said that Rocks D. Xebec was the strongest opponent Roger ever fought. In fact he was so strong that the Pirates whom we call Yonko (Emperor of the Sea) worked under him back in his day.

One Piece Rocks Pirate
Rocks D. Xebec

Yes, the Rocks Pirates were defeated by Garp and Roger but I feel Roger would face defeat he fought single-handedly against Rocks.

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