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10 Best Slice Of Life Anime To Give It A Shot

You must have watched countless anime by now. But, what if I tell you that the list of great anime goes one? Today I’ll list 10 Best Slice of Life Anime.

Maybe you have already watched them, or just heard of them. But, from my own experienced the list below is just GOLD!!

These Anime never gets old:

Warning!! Some Anime are for 18+ Only!!

The List Below:

(10) Beelzebub

Tatsumi is a delinquent and is the strongest at his school. Almost everyone fears his presence. One day, while aside a riverbed, Tatsumi finds a man floating down the river. After being taken off from the flowing stream, the man splits to reveal a baby. It immediately crawls over Tatsumi’s back and refuses to leave. Though Tatsumi doesn’t know this green-haired cuteness, he call it the son of Demon Lord or “Baby Beel.”


I found this anime while search for a series with comedy and Demon Lord. What attracted me was the baby. He is literally Zoro as a kid. LOL!! The Zoro we see from One Piece every week has striking similarity specially the hair color.

Watch Beelzebub


(9) Africa Salaryman

Africa Salaryman covers the daily lives of the trio you see below in the image. While the Lion is kind, and the Lizard if jaded, it’s the Toucan who creates all the trouble because he is a pervert.

Africa Salaryman

But, even after all these trouble to the point where they could lose their job, these three creatures stay together and shave through their daily office work. But, you know, every group has a troublemaker and hence trouble is never far away.

Watch Africa Salaryman


(8) Toradora

Toradora is so famous that even if you don’t want to watch, the series keeps on appearance somewhere or other. You might have seen some meme, or some short clips taken from the episodes.


The image above proves that this anime has some explosive female protagonist who is a strict Tsundere. The story is simple. Ruuji has a crush on Taiga’s friend and Taiga has crush on Ruuji’s friend. When these two discover this, they both plan to help each other accomplish their goals.

Watch Toradora


(7) Wasteful Days of High School Girls

In 2012 an anime named, “Daily Lives of High School Boys” was released. The plot of the anime was simple. It showcased the daily lives four friends who are bored of their lives and are always hungry to do something unique.

Wasteful Days of High School Girls

You can say that “Wasteful Days of High School Girls” is the female version of “Daily Lives of High School Boys.” Since, this is a gag series there is pretty less to talk about it. Just watch it, it’s fantastic.

Watch Wasteful Days of High School Girls


(6) Prison School

School has as rich history in Manga history. Right from the days of Doraemon. The kids who watched Doreamon are our parents today. But, the school we are talking about today is in no way similar to the school we usually see in Manga.

Hachimitsu Private Academy is an all-girls boarding school very well-known for its premium quality education. But, this was about to change after the school changed it revision policy to accept boys too.

Prison School
Prison School

In the very beginning of the First Semester, five boys, Gakuto, Shingo, Andre, Jo and Kiyoshi get accepted. These five boys are in clear disadvantage against the girls who outnumber in 1:200.

Even though these five guys are new to each other, they share a common dream, “Peeping into Girls Bathroom.” Unfortunately their plans gets decimated and in return what they receive is “Prison School.”

If you are into adult comedy, then every frame of this series will throw you off the seat. If you still don’t believe, read the reviews.

Watch Prison School


(5) Sakamoto Desu Ga?

The badass of the anime world. Sakamoto is not your average high school student. He is always 10 steps ahead in every situation.

Sakamoto Desu Ga
Sakamoto’s Swag

In particular there is no story, it’s just Sakamoto’s daily life in high school. He is the star of the school, girls simp over him, boys hate him. Yes, that’s Sakamoto for you.

Watch Sakamoto Desu Ga?


(4) My Bride Is a Mermaid

Mermaids are a mystery and a center point of hypothetical theory. After so many years of discussion and findings, there have never been any accurate evidence of such creature’s existence.

Well, for Nagasumi Michishio, it’s not the same. A mermaid is as real for him as a fish in a pond. But, how did this became a reality for him? To keep it short, Michishio planned to travel to Seto Inland Sea, and while summing, his legs cramped.

My Bride is a Mermaid
My Bride Is a Mermaid

Nobody to save him, he started drowning, that’s when a peculiar looking thing saved him. Turns out, it’s a mermaid. Now, under mermaid law, the fate of a mermaid is sealed to death after their identity is revealed. To stop this from happening, Nagasumi marries Sun, the mermaid who saved him.

That’s starts Nagasumi’s new life as a husband of a mermaid. In this drama and comedy a little flower of lover blooms between them.

Watch My Bride Is a Mermaid


(3) The Devil is a Part – Timer!

Satan is known to be the highest Devil. When he plans to have something, there is no power that can stop him. But, it seems even the most power Devil also has to face life’s harsh truth sometimes.

The Devil is a Part Timer
The Devil is a Part – Timer!

Once upon a time Satan planned to ravage Humanity and finally get control over Earth, but his plan was thwarted by Hero Emilia. Unable to defeat this Hero, Satan was forced to retreat into an unknown portal.

That’s how he landed on Earth. But, there is problem. Not only his power is completely diminished, he discovers that to live in this planet he needs money. Hence, he builds a new identity with the name Sadoa Maou. Hence, starts to daily life of the greatest Devil in existence as a restaurant worker at MgRonald’s.

Watch The Devil is a Part – Timer!


(2) Daily Lives of High School Boys

The title of the anime is more than enough to understand what the series is all about. Filled with gags, these four high school friends spend there days doing the most wacky things you could never imagine.

Daily Lives of High School Boys
Daily Lives of High School Boys

Love for this series is still on even after almost 10 years of its release. What’s the storyline? Look at the image above, do you think these four air-headed creatures would follow any story? The only routine they follow is coming to school, that’s it. Watch this series, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s a Masterpiece!

Watch Daily Lives of High School Boys


(1) Great Teacher Onizuka(GTO)

Teachers play some really good role in Anime. Be it as a friend or a life-long foe. The more “slice of life” anime we get, the more teachers appear.

But, that’s not the case with GTO. Onizuka would be the last person you could call a Sensei. A well reputed Gangster should be able to face any obstacles isn’t it?

Great Teacher Onizuka

Well, that’s not the case with Onizuka sensei. After spending most of his youth in ruthless condition he plans to set out to improve his life, and hence lands up as a teacher in a school filled with delinquents. What make the anime hella funny to watch is the way he handles ever situation in the most unique way.

On top of that, the anime has some great facial expression that is guaranteed to make you crack up. You might also have seen several meme that came out of this anime but don’t know the actual source yet.

Watch GTO


Final List

  • (10) Beelzebub
  • (9) Africa Salaryman
  • (8) Toradora
  • (7) Wasteful Days of High School Girls
  • (6) Prison School
  • (5) Sakamoto Desu Ga?
  • (4) My Bride Is a Mermaid
  • (3) The Devil is a Part – Timer!
  • (2) Daily Lives of High School Boys
  • (1) Great Teacher Onizuka


The 10 anime listed above are in no way listed according to the comic content they have. It’s pretty hard to list each of them according to how funny they are. But, believe me or not, watch any of these 10, and you sure are going to have a real good time.

Especially when you watch GTO(Great Teacher Onizuka), the level of Dark Humor in this anime is otherworldly. The anime is old, and the quality available is only 480p, but, the storyline will throw you off you seat. There are hardly any episode in GTO that will not tickle your funny bones.

Rest assured, if you ask, then for me it’s GTO, and then Sakamoto Desu Ga?
I binged Sakamoto Desu Ga? when I found it, and it goes the same with GTO.

Do you have any anime series that’ll will compete against this list? Let me know.

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