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Black Clover Strongest Kingdoms. Ranked!!

Black Clover has a simple process of explaining Kingdoms! Most of the names are taken from Playing Cards game. But, since the manga’s main story is focused on Wars and Magic, there must be a Kingdom that is the strongest?

Hence, today I’ll talk about the Strongest Black Clover Kingdoms. I’m have also attached a theory that might attract you interest!

With this, let’s dive in…


Diamond Kingdom & Heart Kingdom Are WAY Weaker!

Heart Kingdom is unarguably one of the weakest among all the four. Though the manga hasn’t revealed much about the reason but I suspect “peace” is the reason.

Yes, it’s proven that too much peace makes people weak mentally and physically.

Compared to other Kingdoms, Heart Kingdom is much more peaceful and people thrive without much issue. There are not much foreign attacks that might hinder their growth.

On the other hand, people in Diamond Kingdom always exist in a War-like situation. Illegal experiments are a norm. All just to get access to astonishing powers.

Diamond Kingdom continued to do it even though most of their experiments were synthetic and life-threatening.

Zenon Beats Diamond Kingdom
Zenon Crushes Diamond Kingdom

We saw how Fana’s childhood was ruined in Diamond Kingdom because of their experiments on children. Not just that, the Knights had stones embedded into their skull that increased their magical powers.

And that were the end results? On of the the most powerful of them was defeated by Asta and other Clover Kingdom Knights and then Zenon appeared and and struck the final blow!

In the end we can accept that since Heart Kingdom didn’t have much friction in their lives they became weak, but what about Diamond Kingdom?

It’s shameful to even think that the first Kingdom to go down was Diamond Kingdom and not Heart Kingdom. They couldn’t win against one person even with their “enhanced” magical prowess.

Spade Kingdom Was The Strongest!

Would I be lying if I said that Spade Kingdom was the Strongest Kingdom in Black Clover?

I don’t think so! You can see in the image above, Zenon crushed Diamond Kingdom single-handedly. Magna and Luck were in absolute terror after watching the entire thing!

Now think about three of these people who are stronger than each other. It would be a catastrophe if all these three attacked at the same time.


If we compared Spade Kingdom with Clover Kingdom in fighting efficiency, then Spade Kingdom is the winner! It’s basically Three vs Entire Clover Kingdom.

But, it’s the end result we desire to learn! And the end result was that Clover Kingdom won against Spade Kingdom.

Clover Kingdom Is The Strongest At Present!

The Spade Kingdom Arc happened and the final result is in front of us! Dante, Zenon and Vanica are defeated. It’s a miracle that they are still alive!

Not just them, but even the Demons living in their body are dead too! Megicula is dead, Lucifero will die too, and we never knew Zenon’s Demon!

Hence, in the end that pretty much leaves only one Kingdom that is standing! Clover Kingdom.

Black Clover Liebe

On top of all that, The Clover Knights have gained immeasurable battle experience! Heck their enthusiasm must be sky-high at present! They have not only defeated one of the strongest individual in history, but also Demons like Lucifero, Megicula!

Asta is the one person among all the Kingdoms who have anti-magic! He can basically bypass everyone and beat them! Yuno is the future inheritor of Spade Kingdom, who lives in Clover Kingdom!

All-in-all Lemiel Silvamillion Clover (1st Wizard King) would be so proud to see his Kingdom thrive…

Is There A Hidden Kingdom? Like Joker Kingdom?

Now, here’s a wild (pun intended) theory! We have seen all the four Kingdom named upon the playing cards game. How can we forget Joker? The one who has the most unique powers! Joker is used as “Wild Card” in card games.

Tabata has cleverly not revealed one thing! It’s the upper portion of Spade Kingdom! We only see clouds, as if nobody has ever explored that part of land!

Kingdom Map

As you can see in the above image, the upper most section is Spade Kingdom. A relatively narrow line extends upwards ending with clouds! What could that mean?

I might be just heavily speculating, but don’t you feel that Black Clover creator (Yuki Tabata) must now reveal something about the “unexplored” section of the map?

And maybe, just maybe if there’s Joker Kingdom, what type of people would live in there? Would it be like “Hidden Rain Village” in Naruto?

Share you thoughts…I’m pretty excited with this theory!!

Conclusion & FAQ

So, in conclusion, when the Dark Triads ruled, Spade Kingdom was the most powerful, but now that they are defeated, the crown has been transferred to Clover Kingdom.

Which Kingdom Is The Strongest In Black Clover?

Clover Kingdom is presently the Strongest Kingdom in Black Clover.

Is Spade Kingdom Stronger Than Clover Kingdom?

No, Spade Kingdom isn’t Stronger than Clover Kingdom anymore.

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