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ID: INVADED Teases Their Return.

The Official Twitter handle of ID: INVADED revealed a new short video showing the name of the many characters of the series. After showcasing the characters, the videos ends with showing a silhouette of Sakaido, the lead character, and, 8th January date.

That’s it, there was nothing else shown in the video, but the community is speculating that their might be two things. One is a SD version of the anime, or a Game.

The first season of the Anime was released in January 2020, and a second season is not what most are expecting after the Pandemic stopped almost everything.

Let’s see what happens on 8th of January.

Watch ID: Invaded

You can Watch ID: Invaded on Funimation



ID: INVADED is set in a virtual world where Sakaido, a detective is trying to solve the murder case of Kaeru, a young girl. But, what follows while solving this case is not what Sakaido was expecting. As he moves forward solving the case step-by-step, his world changes which forces him to think about his beliefs.

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