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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 144 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked

Chapter 143 revealed that Yuta was working for Gojo all the time and he was actually trying to save Itadori from execution. This is also the reason why Yuta engaged Naoya with Choso and decided to pursue Itadori himself. If this wasn’t surprising, Choso was able to defeat Naoya and mortally injure him. If Yuta didn’t appear, Naoya would have died of poison. That’s a surprising turn of events even for a series like Jujutsu kaisen. The latest chapter leaks are here. Let’s look into Chapter 144 Spoilers and few Discussions.

Chapter Discussion

Maki Is Alive

After Sukuna’s Domain Expansion rampage, we didn’t have any information about the sorcerers. Almost every Sorcerer we knew was missing. Megumi, Inumaki, Maki, Mei-Mei, Nobara, Panda, you name it.

Though, after Yuta’s appearance we learned about Inumaki’s whereabouts and the condition he was going through after getting wrapped into Sukuna’s Domain Expansion, we never learned about Maki’s status.

But, fortunately the latest leaks have revealed Maki’s status. And, the spoilers below will reveal more about her situation.

The Mysterious Sorcerer

At the end of Chapter 144, we get to see a mysterious Sorcerer. Nothing much is revealed about him, and it also seems that he doesn’t know anyone’s name.

Speculations have already started rolling in about who can be this mysterious guy?

The closest that the community is speculating is that it’s “Toji Fushiguro.” Megumi’s father. If you remember correctly, Fushiguro was killed many years ago when he clashed with Gojo. And, after that not much was revealed about him.

Another speculation that is arising is that it’s “Tengen.” The sorcerer with the most unique technique. Unfortunately, there is break next week. Hence, we’ll only know everything later.


  • In an undisclosed location we see Yuki and Maki.
  • Maki’s right eye is bandaged, and her face is burned.
  • Itadori and Yuta meets Maki.
  • Yuta askes Maki: “Are you alright to move already?”
  • to which Maki says: “Yeah, no problem.”
  • Yuki reveals that the burn marks on Maki’s face will remain even with Reverse Curse Technique. Maki only survived because of her strong body and Naobito died.
  • Maki aska Megumi about Tengen’s barrier, to which Megumi replies: “Thats…”
  • Choso starts to talk and says that “Between the door and the Star Palace, there is a storage safe housing cursed tools and cursed items.
  • The safe is where the remains of Choso’s younger brothers are.
  • Choso can sense the the remains of his younger brother.
  • After this conversation is over, Maki asks who Choso is, to which Itadori replies: “For now he’s my older brother.”
  • Itadori and Megumi moves on after that.
  • Itadori asks Yuki about blood stains. She replies that it’s from over 11 years ago.
  • We get to see a rough image of a man wrapped in a curse wielding a blade.
  • The sorcerer comes close and says: “Nice to meet you, Child of the Zen’in, Michizane’s Blood, Death Womb Painting and, the Vessel of Sukuna.” The chapter ends here.

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