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Fire Force Episode 21 Release Date, Watch Online.

The Haijima Indistries Arc was as intense as it could get. The arc gave birth to a new Adolla Burst Holder, Nataku Son. Now, we have move forward and entered into an another Arc. We are quickly moving closer to disclosing the secret behind the White-Clad and Episode 20 was no exception. With this, let’s look into Fire Force Season 2 Episode 21 Release Date.

Release Date

ire Force Season 2 Episode 20 will release on Friday, 20 November (PDT).

Episode 21 will probably will the continuation of Episode 20.


Inside the Nether

Many Fire Force teams are created to enter and research the Nether. Shinra is seen getting into a different Company and Arthur is seen showing his “Knighty” attitude towards the Company Leader.

We also see Maki’s brother teaming up with Hinawa and blaming him for brainwashing Maki.

After all the Companies enter the Nether, they face an unexpected issue of Infernals. It turns out that the White-Clads are already present inside the Nether an unleashing the Infernal towards the Fire Force Soldiers.

Many Fire Force Soldiers Die and turn into Zombie Infernals.

Knights of Purple Haze

Though these guys are from the White-Clad, they call themselves “Knights of Purple Haze.” The first White-Clad kills Hajiki and severely injures Tamaki.

The other members are wrecking havoc with their Zombie Infernals and many more waiting for their turn.

Juggernaut The Hero

After Hajiki is killed in front of him, Juggernaut is terrified to the point that he cannot move. Looking at this, Tamaki decides to face the White-Clad and gets beaten severely.

Since we know that Juggernaut has a liking towards Tamaki, he cannot tolerate that and decides to fight the White-Clad on his own.

He is clearly overwhelmed but, in the end he unleashes an extremely powerful bomb that pulverizes the White-Clad. But, in the end we see that Juggernaut too is getting covered in the flames.

And, this is where the Episode ends with a cliffhanger.

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