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Redo Of Healer Episode 6 Release Date & Time

If Goblin Slayer and Shield Hero had a baby, then it would be Redo of Healer. This sentence might be hilarious, but after watching two episodes, this seems more likely. It’s hard to compare the level of “Karma” element in this anime than any other. How far will anyone go to take a revenge? The community is divided between whether the way the events are shown is Humane or not? You have watched two Episodes till now, ask yourself? One thing to remember about “Being Human” or “Human Rights” when talking about Redo of Healer is that these concepts does not apply to a country run by a Feudal Lord. And, believe it or not, during the times of Feudalism, these things were a norm in a socially unjust Kingdom. Enough talk, let’s look into Redo of Healer Episode 6 Release Date, Time and some discussion.

Episode Discussion

Keyaruga’s Get’s A New Allie

Skipping the scenes in the beginning, the protagonist has made a crucial and intelligent decision to fool the Merchant and earn quite a sum.

But, his peace did not stay for long as, the Great Swordsman Kureha has planned to attack to impostor.

After having a major fight, the protagonist transferred every information into her describing everything about the Ice Wolf Village situation. Though she was not ready to believe this at first, our protagonist made this possible after freya’s appearance.

In the end, we see that Kureha was brainwashed and Keyaruga did his “Bonding Ritual” making Kureha her ally.

The Incoming Threat

When the protagonist left the Kingdom, he permanently changed the face of the Knight who used to torture him for no particular reason. While being tortured out protagonist counted to number of lashes he received and promised to take revenge when the time comes.

And, we saw that within one episode, our protagonist got what he wanted and left the Kingdom for good. But, our protagonist made a mistake that will now haunt him. He decided not to kill the Knight and rather leave him on his condition.

In the end of Episode 6, we see that the Knight has set-off in a cruel journey to bring now the protagonist who not only messed with his face, but also destroyed his reputation in front of the King.

Name of Episode 6 is “The Healer Sheds Blood & Tears” gives and indication that the next episode will have some more intense scenes on the bloody side and not on the side that we see usually.

Well! five episodes have been aired, and, the show has picked some some steam.

Release Date

Redo of Healer Episode 4 will release on Wednesday, January 17, 2021 at 06:30 (PDT). The preview of the next episode was not shown, but, as for Episode 5, we see that Keyaruga will be facing his enemy in the next episode.

Watch Redo of Healer

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