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My Hero Academia 301 Spoilers, Raw Scans

The Villains are causing mayhem across the city and the Hero society are at tatters. The destruction caused by the Villains is too much for the Heroes to recover and the signs are already speaking for itself. Chapter 300 showed how many major Heroes were leaving. Worst of all, will Endeavor leave being a Hero too? Rei( Endeavor’s wife) is here and she has something to reveal about Touya. With this let’s look into My Hero Academia 301 Spoilers, Raw Scans and Discussions.

Chapter Discussion [Pre-Release]

Heroes Retiring

After the War settled, we got to see a random Hero declaring that he would leave being a Hero. The War was too much for him to handle, and he practically gave-up. When this was revealed, we knew that a Tsunami of resignation was knocking on the door.

This onslaught of resignation accelerated after it was revealed that many Pro Heroes have died and countless citizens have lost everything. And, fast forward to Chapter 300, we see that a major Pro Hero have announced his retirement.

After the official release of Chapter 300, MHA community started speculating that, there is slight chance that Endeavor may retire too. And, the amount of flak he is receiving after Dabi’s reveal may push him to take this step. We are already getting few hints from Endeavor himself. This line: ” Even though I’ve survived, Endeavor is dead,” is Endeavor’s built-up guilt after discovering that Dabi is Touya.

As of now, Endeavor is completely broken not only physically, but also mentally. And, Rei is here to reveal something about Touya.

Did Rei Knew About Dabi’s Secret?

The last panel of Chapter 300 shows the Todoroki family and Rei making a sudden appearance at the Hospital. Her unexpected presence surprises Endeavor, but, that’s not all, what Rei says to Endeavor is something that raises more questions that answers.

The very reason she has come to meet Endeavor is to talk about Touya.

Now, the question is- Did Rei knew that her son, Touya, is alive?
This is hard to answer, as we have very little knowledge about what really happened after Touya’s disappearance.

But, there is a possibility that Touya had a Quirk completely different from Shoto. And, since Endeavor was too much focused on igniting his son’s “Inner Fire,” he missed his actual talent.

But, Rei being a Mother probably knew that Touya was capable in something completely different from what Endeavor wanted. But, she forced herself to keep quite because she didn’t want to anger Endeavor and his quest to empower his sons.

Other speculation is that Touya wanted to be a normal citizen rather than a Hero, but, never told this to Endeavor fearing that telling this would turn the matter even worse, and hence, he turned towards his Mother.

Though, there are countless theories to sum this up, we will only know the truth when the leaks of Chapter 301 appear.


Spoilers are here, and we get the real story of Dabi’s identity:

  • Chapter title is “Mischief of Fire – Part 1”
  • Chapter starts with a flashback of Enji and Rei getting formally engaged. Both of them had arranged marriage and Rei belong to a noble and prestigious family called Himura.
  • Rei’s Quirk is described as being S – Class in strength.
  • Next, we see Dabi in the present, he says: “Mother, Todoroki Enji, Fuyumi Natsu, Shouto… Watch me from the depth of Hell!”
  • When Touya was a kid, he inherited Enji’s desire to surpass All Might. Hence, he trained extremely hard and always got burnt. To make Touya give up on those feelings, Enji decides he needs another child and that Touya will never surpass All Might. Touya Keeps Training so his father can see him.
  • One day, Touya comes home from training covered in burns. Endeavor tries to talk him out of his obsession, telling him there’s more to life than being a Hero, but it’s too late, Touya has snapped.
  • Final panel shows Touya trying to attack Rei and baby Shouto.
  • Chapter ends with the line: “The Past Becomes Clear! Next Chapter, The Family Is…”

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