I’m Standing On a Million Lives Episode 2 Release Date, Watch Online.

With the beginning of the October month, we are treated with many new and unknown series. One of them is I’m Standing On a Million Lives.

The name of the Anime may be harsh and an image may come of brutal clashes, but it is rather the opposite. Though it is like any other Isekai series, but the comic way it is shown makes the show watchable. With this let’s learn about I’m Standing On a Million Lives Episode 2.

Release Date:

Episode 2 of I’m Standing On a Million Lives will Release on Friday, October 9(PDT). There is no news about any delay and all episodes will be released as scheduled.

Episode 1 RECAP:

As we know with most of Isekai series, the main protagonist is fed-up with his normal life and is bored to death.

Similar to that Yotsuya hates Tokyo and wants to live a life different than ‘Normal’. He is a loner and stay mostly alone doing his own work and spending most of his time at home alone playing computer games.

On an average day, he is suddenly transferred to an unknown world where monster and demons wreak havoc and people living on that land suffer the most.

Yotsuya is also transferred with two of his classmates Shindou and Hakozaki. There they face a half-faced spiritual being who tasks them to finish a job withing 14 days. The half-faced being calls himself as “Game Master” who decides everything what Yotsuya and his team will get.

The assign of powers are totally random and even the Game Master doesn’t know what powers anyone will get. Shindou gets the power of a Wizard, Hakozaki gets the power of a Warrior, though she is the weakest. But, Yotsuya gets the power as a farmer.

He is provided only measly tools of a farmer and with that he is told to fight monster such as goblins and even big monster such as Golem.

Everything is funny and safe. But, there is problem with dying. If any one of the 3 die, they can revive withing 30 seconds, but if all three of them die, they die in real life.

This is what makes the Anime a little bit series and interesting to watch. Their first fight involves with weak goblins and since, Yotsuya is a farmer he cannot use any other tools. They all die but somehow Shindou distract the goblins and Yotsuya kills the Goblins.

Their first task is to kill a big Monster who is wrecking havoc and to keep the nearby village safe. Before even the task starts, Shindou gets eating and Hakozaki gets her arm cut-off. Now, it is up to Yotsuya and his ways on how he will defeat the Monster.


This series looks promising after we learn that if all the three die in the virtual game, they die in real life too. The series turns even more interesting since, Yotsuya is a farmer and he is tasked to kills Monsters.

We also saw that becoming a farmer int he game is not a common occurrence and only a tiny portion of the power-wheel shows the chances of getting the power of a farmer.

Maybe this will make the series compelling to watch.

I’m Standing On a Million Lives may even take a sudden series turn as we saw in Rise of The Shield Hero. Where the Character is all goofy and hopeless until he is framed and is exiled. Maybe we will come to see the same story build-up in I’m Standing On a Million Lives.

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The Protagnist Yotsuya Yuusuke along with his two friends are transported suddenly to an unknown and strange world riddled with Mythological and Monstrous Creatures. They are greeted by a mysterious person who call himself a Game Master.

In return the person grants them quest to kill demons and monsters in a limited amount of time and to stay alive and protect the real world. The Game Master grants them special abilities randomly that would support in their battles. Where the other two friends are granted the power of Magician and Warrior, Yusuke is chosen as a Farmer?

Hence, starts the adventurous yet peculiar journey of the three friends to stay alive killing the Monsters and to also save the real world.

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