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All Major Titans In Attack On Titan. LIST!

Can you name all the Titans in Attack on Titan? If you can, Kudos! you are a genuine AOT fan, but if you can’t then no worries:

Because in this post I’ll list all the Titans in Attack on Titan and their abilities in simple words. So that if you’re planning to watch/read Attack on Titan you have at least a rough idea of what’s happening:

With this, let’s Dive INNN…


(1) Founding Titan

The Founding Titan is the first Titan among all. Say it’s the leader of all the Titans in this list. The powers the Founding Titan carries within itself is absolutely mind-boggling! It can manipulate memory of anyone who is a subject of Ymir. And yes, this Titan can also control other Titans (as seen in the image below).

Founding Titan Attack On Titan
Founding Titan

Other, more subtle, ability of the Founding Titan is it’s ability to manipulate body composition of a subject of Ymir. This is the sole reason why Ymir as a Founding Titan looked so different than Eren. The Colossus Titans have insane height and breadth, and Eren as the Founding Titan is at least 50x larger then them…

(2) Colossus Titan

The Colossus Titan is the first Titan to appear in Attack on Titan. This Titan literally began everything! What makes the Colossus Titan one of the strongest? It’s explosive strength! The person who has powers of the Colossus Titan can almost blow up a large area as soon as it transforms.

Colossus Titan Attack On Titan
Colossus Titan

The sheer heat radiating from its body is enough to burn and suck all the atmosphere from its surrounding. But this Titan also has one of the greatest weakness. It’s mobility! The Colossus Titan can barely move because of its height. But if you compare it with attack power, a large group of Colossus Titan can literally flatten the Earth.

(3) Beast Titan

The Beast Titan, also called as “monke” by AOT community is the most unique Titan in terms of physical appearance. It is the only Titan who doesn’t look like a Human but like a Beast. Hence, the name “Beast Titan.” Keeping its physical appearance aside, the Beast Titan is an insanely powerful Titan.

Beast Titan Attack On Titan
Beast Titan

Add that to Zeke’s royal blood, the Titan gets the ability to create Titans and also control them. Wait, there’s more: Having a large body with beastly muscles, the Beast Titan can literally throw big rocks at its opponent crushing them completely. In terms of defense, the Titan can harden it’s nape to stop itself from being attacked.

(4) Attack Titan

The Attack Titan has the ability that dwarfs almost every Titan in the list. In simple words, the Attack Titan can not only see the past but also see the future. That too with 100% accuracy. This the reason why Eren became the strongest force against Humanity after he got a glimpse of the upcoming future…

Attack on Titan Eren

And of course, being a Titan the Attack Titan do have good physical endurance and prowess. But it severely lacks against in strength against Titans like the Armored Titan, War Hammer Titan.

(5) Armored Titan

The Armored Titan is unarguable the strongest Titan when it comes to defense. Almost nothing works against it. At least not regular weapons. On top of all that insane defense, the Armored Titan can also mow down big walls with just one hit.

Armored Titan Attack On Titan
Armored Titan

Other than having natural armor all over its body, the Armored Titan can also harden its body and make itself even more stronger than before. But all this heavy defense also comes at a cost. The Armored Titan is not as mobile as other Titans…

(6) War Hammer Titan

I would say the War Hammer Titan is the most unique not just in terms of looks, but also in terms of the abilities it has. The main ability of the War Hammer Titan is “Structural Hardening.” Which simply means it can manipulate Titan flesh and use them as weapons. Yeah, it’s an unique ability.

War Hammer Titan Attack On Titan
War Hammer Titan

An another thing that makes the War Hammer Titan a sneaky one is it’s ability to keep the Human’s body in a remote location, connected with a cord…Unless the opponent finds that thin cord, the War Hammer Titan is almost invincible…

(7) Jaw Titan

As you can already understand what type of powers the “Jaw Titan” has, it’s also one of the most agile among all Titans. Above all The Jaw Titan is especially feared for it’s insane Jaw Strength. Its jaw can almost rip anything apart…

Jaw Titan Attack On Titan
Jaw Titan

You can compared it to a house lizard. It’s small, fast and can walk into any type of surface! Other than that the Jaw Titan doesn’t seem to have any other special ability…

(8) Female Titan

The Female Titan has, in short, “all-in-one” powers. She is insanely mobile, almost like the Cart Titan, can achieve almost the same levels of hardness like the Armored Titan. On top of that, which is the most important and interesting power is that the Female Titan can also act as the Founding Titan.

Female Titan Attack On Titan
Female Titan

The only difference is that her range is limited. Annie/Female Titan did cause some serious havoc in the story and cause countless deaths…

(9) Cart Titan

Unlike all the Titans in the list above, the Cart Titan isn’t built for offence. Rather a support for all the Titans. You can safely say that the Cart Titan is one of the most important Titan among all. It provides logistics and is incredibly mobile.

Cart Titan Attack on Titan
Cart Titan

Why, it even save Zeke from Levi’s annihilation when the later was going to either kill him or abduct him. Even in the final war between Marley and Eldia the Cart Titan played a huge role in not only weakening Eldians, but also went a step forward to stop Eren…


In conclusion, Every Titan has their own purpose. But there are also few Titan who are completely unique in abilities. Especially the Founding Titan, Colossus Titan, Cart Titan and Armored Titan.

What are your views on this list? Do let me know…

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