Will Isagi Win Blue Lock?
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Attack On Titan Creator Recommends Blue Lock Manga.

Need to refuel your lost energy? Then you need to dive into the sports Genre and read as many manga as possible. When we talk about a Sports manga series that is loved by almost everyone, it’s undeniably Haikyuu. Of course, there are other great manga as well. But, when a Genre is overcrowded, most of the time we miss a series that is not so famous, yet fantastic. Blue Lock is one of them.

The official Twitter account of Blue Lock manga revealed that Hajime Isayama, the man behind Attack on Titan has urged fans to check out the series after AOT is finished. This push from Isayama has urged fans to check out Blue Lock, and the people who have discovered the manga are satisfied.

After reading the manga myself, I can say that if you are interested in Sports Genre, you should absolutely check out the series. This won’t be your regular sports manga where the only problems the protagonist faces is either muscle cramps or losing a match.

Here is the Tweet from the official handle of Blue Lock. The Tweet translate into: “We also received a recommendation comment from Professor Hajime Isayama! “Manga that all Japanese should read.”…..! I’m honored! I hope you will check it out when you finally enjoy the climax of “Attack on Titan”

So, are you interested to check out a new series, or are you already reading it?

Where To Read Blue Lock?

Unfortunately, there are no official ways to read Blue Lock manga. Maybe, when the series receives more attention, we will get an official way to read it.


The story begins with Japan’s elimination from the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This incident prompts the Japanese Football Union to start a programme, and, hence starts the search of high school players who will begin training in preparation for 2022 World Cup.

Isagi Yoichi, the protagonist of the series receives an invitation to this programme after he loses the chance to go to Nationals because he passed to a less-skilled teammate and he missed. Their coach Ego Jinpachi is an enigmatic character and is hard to read. He looks like a simple person, but is hard head when it comes to football. To churn out the best of the best in football he introduces a new radical training regimen: Isolate 300 young strikers in a prison-like institution called “Blue Lock” and put them through rigorous training aimed at creating “The World’s Greatest egotist Striker.”

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