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My Hero Academia Chapter 311 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Chapter 310 was a crucial chapter for all the readers of My Hero Academia. Why? The faces of the two remaining generations were revealed. When Deku met the other generations in his dream, everyone of them were ready to help him reach 100%. But, it was only two of them who weren’t ready.

It wasn’t hatred or something, but they were not ready to accept Deku as the successor. But, it seems both of them have accepted and are ready to help him. I’m waiting for Deku to unleash 100% of OFA.

Chapter 310 Recap

Finally the faces of the two remaining generations of OFA are revealed. For those of you who are thinking that the 2nd Generation is Bakugo, that’s a complete fallacy.

Thinking that Bakugo will be the 2nd holder of OFA is not possible as this would break the plot. For this to happen subjects such a time-travel would have to be introduced and I don’t think Horikoshi will do that.

Well, leaving this argument, now that the two faces are revealed, it seems they have also agreed to help Deku and finally finish AFO.

And, how can we miss All Might’s fatherly figure towards Deku, handing him bento box.

Chapter 310 was more of a preparatory kind of chapter where Deku is getting ready to go hard on the Villains once and for all.


Okay, the Spoilers are out:

  • Chapter 311 title is: “They’re Here!
  • Chapter starts with Endeavor clashing with a random villains.
  • Endeavor unleashes “Ignited Arrow,” and defeats the unnamed villain. After getting defeated, the villain blames Endeavor all that has happened, to that, Endeavor responds, “and that’s exactly why I’m doing this.”
  • After handing over the villain to police, Endeavor goes to Best Jeanist and Hawks, and Best Jeanist confirms that still they don’t have any concrete information about AFO and Shigaraki.
  • As they are discussing about the situation, far away they see civilians protesting against the Heroes, and calling them “Gods of Plague.”
  • All three of them didn’t respond to these insults, and drive away. Hawks is talking to Edgeshot about the investigation on the Paranormal Front. Endeavor says that even though they used Deku to lure the League, they haven’t showed up.
  • Jeanist and Endeavor start to believe what Deku said about AFO taking over Shigaraki’s body, and hence, he has not appeared on the battlefield yet.
  • Hawks on the other hand confirms that Dr. Garaki is still under arrest and that according to him Shigaraki’s incomplete body was the prime reason why the villain didn’t win. Hence, their main goal is to complete his body and steal OFA.
  • Scene switches to All Might who is tracking Deku’s GPS. He is worried that Deku hasn’t slept at all, and remembers the time when Nighteye was worried about him not being able to rest on a comfortable bed. The next thing he notices is that with a “beep” Deku’s GPS signal is lost.
  • An unexplained device hits Deku’s phone and a voice starts coming from it. Turns out, it’s the villain lady from Tartarus. She has a giant Sniper coming out of her elbow.
  • Chapter ends with the Lady wanting Deku to come with her. By now Deku has understood that she is the first villain sent directly by AFO.

Now, this is different kind of twist even I wasn’t waiting for. If this speculation come true, you can imagine who deep and complex that would make the whole situation. Having an ancestor as the one of the holder of OFA will also in a way make Bakugo prone to OFA.

If you ask me whether I believe this or not, then I’m having a hard time believing this. And, if this turns out to be true, then Horikoshi have to release 5 chapter extra only to explain the whole situation.

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