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Dr. Stone Anime Sequel Announced

Dr. Stone Season 2 “Stone Wars” arc has ended on Thursday. When Season 2 was announced, fans complained that the season was too short with only eleven episodes. But, it wasn’t unfair as the name of the season itself was “Stone Wars.”

But, surprise surprise. Seems like the eleven episodes wasn’t the whole thing. The official Twitter account of Dr. Stone revealed that the anime will return with a new arc, “Age of Exploration.”

The Youtube channel of Toho Animation also posted a PV of the upcoming sequel.

The video teases the “Exploration” of Senku and team. What’s funky is that all of them are in pirate costume which makes the scene even more entertaining. At the end of the video, we also see a mysterious character still petrified.

Though the Release Date is not yet revealed, it’s a speculation that the episodes will air somewhere between October and December.

Seems like we will get introduced to a new character.

Dr. Stone Season 1 was release in 2019 and got great response for not only its animation, but also the way things are taken from manga. Season 2 notched the bar even higher with the War between Science Kingdom and Tsukasa Empire.

Though the fate of Tsukasa was not as expected, it seems Senku has plans for him.

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