The Devil is a Part Timer

The Devil Is A Part-Timer!! Season 2 Coming This July 14th

The official Twitter handle of the anime The Devil is a Part-Timer!! revealed that the anime will start airing from 14th July (2022). The handle also released the second promotional video (PV) of the anime.

But wait, there’s more! The anime’s website also released a visual poster featuring characters.

The poster features all the major and minor characters of the series. It includes Sadao at the center, while Shirou is in left side of him. We can see Hanzou on the opposite side of Shirou. The girls have got a front spot on the poster. And here’s a cute little kid too joining the anime this year! If you don’t know who she is, her name is Alas and she’s 2 years old…

The Devil is a Part Timer!! Season 2 Visual Poster
The Devil is a Part Timer!! Season 2 Visual Poster

Fans are immensely excited for the release and it’s pretty much evident why! The anime is returning almost a decade. And I guess this is the best time to return when some really great shows will release in the coming months!

Where To Watch The Anime?

The website reports that Tokyo MX and BS11 will air the episodes as the are released (July 14th, 10:30 P.M. EDT). Other channel like MBS and AT-X will also cast the anime as the episodes are released.

Disney+ will stream the anime in Japan exclusively for the subscribers. Well, I don’t see any Funimation or Crunchyroll. And if you watch most anime on Crunchyroll or other platforms, you might to wait for some more time before any official update…

The anime is returning to the screens after almost a decade and fans cannot control their excitement!

Cast & Staff

It’s a good news for the fans who watched Season 1 of the anime because the main VA are returning. And today few new cast were also revealed:

Sadao MaouRyota Osaka
Yusa EmiYoko Hikasa
Shirou AshiyaYuki Ono
Hanzou UrushiharaHiro Shimono
Suzuno KamazukiKanae Ito
Rika Suzuki Asuka Nishi
Mayumi KisakiYumi Uchiyama
EmeradaAzumi Asakura
Mitsuki SarueYuichi Iguchi
LailahKikuko Inoue (New Cast Member)
GabrielTakehito Koyasu (New Cast Member)
Amane OguroYuko Kaida (New Cast Member)
CamioKenichi Ogata (New Cast Member)

Here are the Staff Members of the anime:

Studio 3Hz
DirectorDaisuke Tsukushi
Screen WritingMasahiro Yokotani
Music Ryosuke Yokotani
Character DesignYudai Lino
Chief Animation DirectorYoshihiro Takeda

Minami Kuribayashi will be performing the OP for the second season too. You can check out the theme song ‘WITH” on YouTube when it’s released.

In conclusion, the anime is finally returning after 9 years. This series is a classical example of “rising from the dead.” And there can be a reason why the series is getting a new season. The Devil is a Part Timer!! light novel reached its conclusion in 2020.

Hence, there’s a possibility that the 2nd season is released to increase its popularity! Whatever the reason, it’s us, the fans who enjoy the most!!

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